We are back again with our weekly mix series taking the grand total to 38 episodes. This week the mix comes from the capital in the form of a young French DJ. Boris, a DJ & promoter has lit up the London scene with his interpretation of melodic techno and low slung groove.

Each time Boris steps into the booth there is an air of calm as he expertly manoeuvres between genres. This skill allows him to move his audience from the safety of their comfort zones and into uncharted waters. However, this craftsmanship has earned him a number of accolades in the capital & seen stock rise.

Boris first sprung onto the UK scene with the introduction of Shindo, a French collective busy redefining London dance culture. Their innovative approach to bookings & futuristic vibrations has seen a cohort of dancers follow their every move.

With a record collection as broad as it is deep, Boris has always struggled to pigeonhole himself into a single genre. As a result, he formed Boboxa an alternative narrative to the one found at Shindo. Instead, focusing on more house & disco in intimate handpicked venues.

Having recently witnessed him plying his trade at the world-famous Egg London, it was apparent we needed to invite him onto the series. Continuing the momentum of the previous artists, episode 038 delivers an entertaining sonic creation for your Tuesday night listening.

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