The RRP Podcast is back once again as we hit episode 037. This week we hand over the controls to German production wizard, Daniel Bortz. The mysterious German has formed a formidable reputation as one of electronic music’s most exciting producers since he first appeared back in 2011.

A music purist motivated by knowledge & growth rather than reputation and status, Daniel Bortz is a DJ’s DJ. Ahead of his upcoming release on ‘Get Physical‘ we invited the beatmaker behind the decks while also asking him a few questions about life ‘Behind the Headphones‘.

As a youngster, you grew up in the town of Freising and studied as a hairdressing apprentice before pursuing music as a full-time career in 2011. Was a career in music always the dream & what made you realise you could pursue this full-time?

Yes! Freising is near to Munich and as a kid, I did rave at the weekends there. This was where I found my early inspiration and started djing. As soon as I had this taste for music, school was no longer interesting. I just focused on partying, the high life and music.

Since my early years, my mother had been taking me to concerts as well as other music events. This engagement early on always inspired a vision of being a musician later in life. Soon I found myself in the HipHop/Electronic scene. Unlike some people, for me, it was never about being successful, but instead, I only wanted to be good at what I do while having fun making music.

House & Techno has always captivated me. It was only natural that I progressed into making records within this genre. After some decent feedback on some proper releases, I had the chance to make it a full-time job.

A lot of artists spend time agonizing over what is & isn’t their sound. However, you appear to be quite the opposite. If you dive deep into your discography there is a full spectrum of music, multiple aliases and a variety of sounds. Do you think this is a fair characterisation & how important is it to explore different sounds as a producer?

I just love music. As a result, I have to dive into every genre. I collect a lot of records and still bye music almost every day. I don’t really have a plan. What happens is natural, I go with the flow then see what happens.

BUY – ‘Silence To My Madness’ [Get Physical]

We have read that you are one of those people that if you find something interesting you have to learn everything about it. Do you think this attitude has benefited you as an artist or has it proven a distraction? 

For sure I’m inspired by many artists but it’s because I am a fan. It is only the same as when you read the news every day or follow a football team. I want to know everything there is to know because it interests me.

Is there a track or EP you have worked on that for better or worse stands out above the rest and if so why?

Not yet.

We know you as an individual strive to evolve and better yourself wherever possible but over the course of your career what do you think has been the biggest evolution in dance music & has this been positive or negative?

Nothing has really changed for me. The industry still sucks but the dance lovers keep strong together!

What is your opinion about dance music being used as a tool for political & social change? Examples that spring to mind are Bassaini in Tbilisi or the Brexit March in London. Do you think music and politics should mix?

I guess Music was from the beginning also a Political thing and I think you can use it for that. However, for me, I’m very careful with my opinions.

What does the future hold for Daniel Bortz?

Many projects as a producer, I guess.

If you could produce a record with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

I always wanted to chill with Snoop Dogg in the studio. I think it would still be cool to do it because he is the coolest dude.

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