As any DJ and producer will know the window of opportunity for global success is hard to come by and rarely achievable for most. Drifting under the radar can be a lonely existence if superstardom is your end goal. However, certain artists, Alan Dixon a prime example are the epitome of underground music. Void of the habits that push them into an endless campaign of social media stardom instead focusing on the music that makes them recognisable. Proper artistry that ignores the unwanted advances of a changing industry.

Alan Dixon is that man. Resident DJ at city venue Savage London his productions have been picked up by some of disco’s most recognisable names. Unsurprisingly he has upcoming releases on Gerd Janson’s ‘Running Back’ and Marcel Vogel’s ‘Lumberjacks In Hell’ demonstrating his obvious studio talent. What is more, he possesses the same talent for playing music as he does making music. This talent has taken him as far as New York while regularly venturing across the UK for mega gigs like Elrow Town.

This weekend he joins the Fragments London crew for their Theus Mago show at Cell 200, which was the perfect opportunity to invite him down into the studio to mix down episode 041 of The RRP Podcast. An hour & a half of sultry sounds, floaty floor fillers & other metaphors for a quality mix. Enjoy!

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