In the latest episode of our Behind the Headphones series we spoke to UK techno legends Slam about how they got started, the current state of techno, and surviving as artists.

For over 30 years Glasgow natives Slam have been at the forefront of the UK techno scene. Inspired by the rebellious attitudes of punk, the futuristic sounds of Kraftwerk, and culturally diverse environment of their home city, the duo slowly morphed their love of something different into an established name that commands respect and authenticity whenever it is mentioned.

Throughout their careers – aside from being key players in the strongly developed techno scene in Glasgow – Slam have toured the world over as well as helping nurture some of the biggest artists in the genre, releasing hundreds of records through their label Soma Records, Slam Radio shows, and Soma School music production classes. It would a safe bet to say that wherever Slam go quality isn’t too far behind.

Despite all of this it seems Slam have no desire to slow down just yet. The pair have recently helped co-curate the Thursday line up for Riverside Festival in Glasgow which which will take place in the summer. You can find out more about Riverside Festival here. On top of this Slam have also recently released their Louder Than Chaos series at the back end of 2021. So far the series has featured artists such as Optic Nerve, Perc, Rebekah, and Amelie Lens and an upcoming release with AnD. You can find out more about the LTC series here.

We spoke to Slam at the end of last year about their favourite party memories, dream collaborations, what they have in store for the fans, and much more.

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