This week in Top 10 we are sharing our favourite electronic music podcasts. Podcasts blew up around the 2000’s and since then there is a whole range of episodic audio content on just about every topic you can think of. Whether it’s finding out about new software, synths, how DJ’s build their sets, how your favourite artists produce music, what it’s like on the road, podcasts can provide a great insight into the minds of your favourites (it’s also great to pass the time on the commute).

So, without further ado, here is our top 10 electronic music podcasts:

  1. Knob Twiddlers – Knob Twiddlers is a fantastic podcast series that has had some incredible guests such as Speedy J, Blawan, and Surgeon to name a few. Focusing a lot more towards the techno side of things the podcast covers topics from DJ’ing, touring, music production, Ableton Live, and even has live performances which can also be viewed on their YouTube channel. Always a good Sunday listen.

  1. Syntho – Be it productions via his You & Me label, or his string of successful parties by the same name, Manchester based artist Josh Baker is consistently putting out quality material. During lockdown the young DJ and producer has started his own music education platform and accompanying podcast series. With guests such as Tobi Neumann, Ben Rau, Kepler to name a few you are always bound to learn something good from tuning into this podcast series.

  1. B-Side – DJ’s telling you about their favourite B-Sides, who doesn’t love that? This podcast is pretty unique as you get to listen to some amazing B-Sides as well as hearing the stories about how the artists came to love them. With guests such as Bill Brewster, Nahibah Iqbal, and Rees this Is definitely one to keep your eye on.

4. Art + Music + Technology – If you have used music production software Ableton before then you have probably heard of Max for Live. Well, Darwin Grosse works for the Cycling ’74, the company behind the illustrious software and his podcast series is just as in depth. He has had many great guests on the show such as Rachel Palmer, Alessandro Cortini, and Mileece. Every time we listen we are left inspired.

  1. RA Exchange – Resident Advisor needs no introduction, and their podcasts feature some of the biggest names in dance music. If you want to get and insight into the mind of your favourite DJ, them RA exchange is the podcast for you. Some highlights are Róisín Murphy, Actress and Mr. Scruff.

  1. SOS Podcasts – The major music publication has been the go-to resource for industry professionals for over 30 years. They have a Podcast series specifically on electronic music however, they also have informative podcasts on mixing/mastering, and people & the music industry. Most definitely a trusted source for anything music related.

  1. Podular Modcast – This podcast is purely about modular synthesis. If you go to bed at night dreaming of wires, then this is most certainly worth a listen. This podcast features a wide range of guests including reps from modular companies, electronic musicians and sound artists, you never know quite what you will get from these guys, but if your modular mad then you don’t want to miss this one. Previous guests include Make Noise, Intellijel, Hainbach, Deadelus, and Mark Fischer.

  1. Couch Wisdom – This podcast series from RBMA isn’t exactly dedicated to electronic music, although it does have some stellar interviews on here such as Laurent Garnier, Ben UFO, and Objekt. RBMA is one of the most highly respected institutions for contemporary music and it shows in this podcast series.

  1. Sonic Talk – If you’re a music producer then you will have most likely seen Sonic States videos on YouTube. They are gear mad at Sonic State and are always playing with the latest music technology. If you want to find out about the latest synths, consoles, plugins or whatever else that’s on the market, you can’t go wrong with Sonic State.

  1. Why We Bleep – Why We Bleep was created by YouTuber and musician Mylar Melodies. The podcast is all about making music and has conversations with artists as well as the companies that make their gear. If you want to explore electronic music in a bit of deeper way, then you should be checking this one out!

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