We are back with the weekly wax. A track that is currently doing the rounds. Whether it is working dance floors, after parties or the festival circuit we guarantee a waxer. From re-found gems to just-released floor fillers this is our weekly wax. This weeks record comes in the form of Rex The Dog’s latest EP, ‘Vortex’.

Jake Williams has been a label stalwart on the famed Kompakt Records since he first donned the Rex The Dog alias back in 2004. The world of dance music has changed significantly since then but one thing that has remained consistent is his ability to deliver soothing, synth-heavy dancefloor cuts.

‘Vortex’ will mark the artist’s first EP for 2019 with and the title track lands pole position as our weekly wax. As usual Rex The Dog possesses a skill for producing limb-jerking rhythms and this track is no different. Arguably one of his strongest and most captivating club track in years.

The build-up is progressive but purposeful. A Darth Vader-esque vocal has been skillfully manipulated blending menacing and weird. The tension is created via a combination of futuristic space sounds, trance-inducing motifs and new wave style synth chords that meanders seamlessly across the track. The tension begins to dissipate ahead of a moment of complete silence creating a moment of blissful unease before the track kicks back into thrilling effect!

The B-side, ‘Elektromekanik’ is by no means second string with its twitchy robotic FX giving way to glowing synths while alternating hard-wired modular electronics. A solid EP and yet further evidence of the artist’s musical wizardry.

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