Every week The Random Rave Project’s supply our weekly wax. Its simple we want to share a track that we think you should be listening to. Dug from the vaults or the latest chart topper either way we like it and we hope you do. This weeks track is titled ‘Tempest.’

This week the wax comes from Pional and is his first release in over two years. Blending trancey melodies with rolling grooves. The EP skews towards the dance floor and is better off for it. Housier than George FitzGerald and less in-your-face than Stephan Bodzin’s neo-trance. It’s a record for those who enjoy more subtle big-room music.

“Tempest” targets a spacey synth arpeggio something we have heard on dozens of tracks before, but it sounds especially nice here. Trancey melodies and a simple and steady rhythm.