Back once again with the Weekly Wax, this time in the form of a Belgium techno imprint Lenske. The tenth release is a VA comprising of Amelie Lens, Milo Spkyers, Ahl Iver, Farrago and our WW pick AIROD. The label itself has released a collection of contemporary anthems. As well as storming techno cuts and acid weapons. The imprint’s catalogue illustrates their exploration for a shade of techno particularly focused on the hi-NRG factor.

For this fresh record, each artist contributed a track for a mini VA compilation showcasing the label’s sound. AIROD track, ‘Divine Power’ is pure rave and utilises a selection of jungle elements. As with the last nine releases on the label, this is definitely worth a listen. The imprint prides itself pushing the future sounds of techno and this is certainly no different.

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