In the second episode of Visionaries we spoke to sonic artist Mileece on making music with plant-life, improving artificial intelligence, and fighting climate chaos with moon cells.

Mileece has been working towards a singular vision since she was 19 years old; a network of zero-impact fuel cell powered urban wilderness sanctuaries inside technologically augmented bio-domes, viscerally connecting the urban environment to remote ecologies in real-time. In 2003, heralded by the BBC as an “outstanding release, real musical science”, her debut album of computer generated algorithmic music, ‘Formations’, set the trajectory for her work pioneering ‘organic electronic music’, or what she calls Organica.

Since then, Mileece had pushed the boundaries of sonic art and environmental awareness in pioneering ways, creating various projects that force us to rethink about the relationships between technology, art, and nature. Her latest work however may be some of her best and most important yet. Throughout this episode Mileece explains her iOracle project which is an attempt at creating a line of communication between human, machine, and plants to better understand the ethical systems of plant life, and PiP’s plant parlour which is a fully interactive mobile environment to help relax both adults and children alike, in an effort to help detach us from our seemingly bleak, concrete filled city landscapes. Mileece also explains her amazing Moon Cells and how they can help lead us all to a brighter, greener, future.

If you are interested in supporting Mileece you can check out her website here.