Theus Mago is the alter ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González. The Mexican DJ is responsible for some formidable productions across a host of renowned labels. Kitsune, Tiga’s ‘Turbo Recordings as well as co-founding his own label, Duro. Theus Mago is a consequence to satisfy the urge to freely explore and experiment with a darker more atmospheric elements. Focusing on the beat as a simple pulse that drives a cloud of beautiful noise.

Despite it’s short life, Theus Mago has already earned support by big names on the scene, such as Solomon, who included “Ritmo Extraterrestre” in several of his 2015 presentations. It also has attracted the ears and attention of important record labels such as Kill The Dj (Chloe and Ivan Smagghe’s label) and Correspondent (Jennifer Cardini’s label). Ahead of his show at Fragments in London, we thought it sensible to discuss the baggage behind life as a touring artist.

The last place to blow my mind was

Bogotá has a rich history of having big clubs with powerful sound systems and exquisite bookings. The new club in town, Kaputt is a 4 room mega mammoth, is not an exception. The sound system is great as usual, but the special thing about this place is the eclectic difference between musical styles in each of the rooms, ranging from Club Techno to HiNRG, to Reggaeton to dub.

I never get on a flight without

A small book, sleeping pills, headphones, sleep mask, earplugs, aspirins… all of those things that can help you sleep on an aeroplane while you’re on tour, cause you’ll need some rest if you to survive and not get sick on a tour, which is the worst thing that can happen to you. 

The worst flight I ever had…

I once had a decent flu on a 10-hour flight after a whole 1-month tour and it was a complete nightmare with shivers and everything, people next to me were creeping out actually. After that, I understood that, as a general rule of thumb, carrying medicines and comfort tools is more important than most other unnecessary things like a 500 pages book with chefs recommendations for places to eat around the world.

The most surreal thing that’s ever happened to me while travelling was…

This is kind of a dark story, actually. When me and my wife stayed in Paris with for a few months we organised a “Día De Muertos” event at a big club next to the Seine. One of the ideas we had was getting free black and white skull-like makeup over people faces, which was a big success. The party also was a blast, and it went on without incidents, despite the big amount of people attending.

At least that’s what we thought, because a few weeks after my wife got an email from the club, asking some questions for an undergoing police investigation. Apparently there was a guy dressed like a doctor that got his face skull-like painted (my wife was doing the makeup), that tried to poke several people with a poisoned syringe and managed to get away. Yeah, like a teenager terror movie.

The most unique place I’ve ever played was...

I know kinky/latex parties are a common thing in Berlin, but for a taco-eater straight Mexican dude, playing at House of Red Doors at Renate was a wild new experience. I’m not getting into details but boy I saw some stuff in there for sure!

The daftest thing I’ve ever done while travelling

Getting back to flights, I have missed plenty of them, in all sorts of ridiculous ways. The most stupid one was in Peru. I got on time at 5 am at the counter, without having slept at all, but on time at least. Everything was OK, except for one detail: my flight was one day before. 

The best hotel I’ve ever stayed in

Is not a hotel, just an apartment in Cologne, but what an apartment. The thing is so big they even have trees inside the building. It has glass ceilings mostly all over it, a huge vinyl collection, art painted walls, mezzanine rooms connected by bridges in an “Ewok village” style. It even has a bee farm on the rooftop! Best, place, ever.

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