Rees is the Boro disco aficionado, label owner and all-round electronic music lover currently making a name for himself across the globe.

A year ago we invited him onto our podcast series having had a handful of gigs, a basic knowledge of production but undeniable talent. Fast forward a few months & the industrious plate spinner has returned from his first US tour, performed on the revered Red Light Radio and launched a label that is outperforming most big-budget imprints.

We decided it was time to tie down Boro’s very own globe trotter to find out about his tour baggage.

The city I would love to move to one day is …

Although it’s very tempting to say the cliché of Berlin, and for very good reason, I think Amsterdam tips it for me. Musically, I couldn’t put myself in any better place. So many of the artists I look up to and goals I’m working to achieve all have a very strong connection with the Netherlands and Amsterdam. It seems to be a city that has got everything right.

I first visited back in march making an appearance on Red Light Radio which was a pretty big deal for me. Afterward, I took a look at their record store behind the station. Full of old rare Afro, Italo, and everything I adore, the place was incredible. I had similar experiences with Rush Hour, Bordello A Parigi and even Dekmantel Festival. The city really strikes a chord with me, so hopefully one day I’ll call it home.

The last place to blow my mind was

Dekmantel Festival. Again, relating back to my love of the city I couldn’t believe how one place, one festival could match my music taste so accurately. The location and atmosphere have a special buzz around it.

I remember being at the selector stage this year watching Orpheu The Wizard, ½ of Red Light Radio, close out Saturday night. The sun had started to set going as he entered his second hour with the lasers cutting through the trees. I was stood there in complete awe listening to music I’ll most likely never hear again in my life – the single best set I’ve ever witnessed. If Dekmantel doesn’t inspire you nothing will.

The most unique place I’ve ever played was

The most bizarre thing about this is that it was my very first headline show, as well as being the first gig outside of my hometown. I hadn’t been producing for long, or DJing for that matter, but I found myself being flown out to Geneva, Switzerland to play at a record labels first-anniversary party.

We took a boat out onto the lake for a sold-out party, in peak summer 2018 watching the sunset over the mountains – magical. The night took a slightly different turn as we searched for a last-minute venue for the after-party, we swung by the local park where a huge tent had been set out for a local school having their presentations the next morning.

Obviously, we took full advantage to set up and carry things on, only to make a sharp exit two short hours into things after news of the police coming. Can’t say I’ve had a better Tuesday since.

The loneliest I’ve ever felt traveling was

I’ve recently finished my first tour in America, which is a lot of traveling as you can imagine. 4 shows, 7 flights, East Coast to West Coast. My first flight was a hungover 10-hour journey from London to Canada and then straight onto my connecting flight to Detroit where my first show was. I landed at 8 pm then played a 6hr B2B set from 11 pm until 5 am, caught 3 hours sleep and was on my next flight to New York for another show that same night.

All the traveling, lack of sleep, stress, and nerves had started to catch up with me at this point. America is a pretty overwhelming place to be especially traveling by yourself. I’m a very social person and I also don’t mind my own company, but when your body is run down it can be a very lonely place. It was a pretty mad 48-hours, just showing the importance of looking after your body and mind. A good night sleep and I was back to normal.

The best hotel I’ve ever stayed in

The Bowery House in Soho, New York. Probably not for the reasons you’d expect me to say as the room was arguably the smallest room I’ve ever been inside! The length on a small single bed and about 4ft wide, but it was the character in the room that made it my favorite.

Vintage movie posters above the bed accompanied by a bedside table and lamp, small things that made it all feel like your own personal space as opposed to just renting a room. Location wise it couldn’t have been better either, the perfect spot in Manhattan island close to Brooklyn and a short subway journey to wherever you wanted to be.

The most surreal thing that’s ever happened to me while traveling was

 I was at a show earlier this year and before my set had got chatting to the owner of the venue, who by the way had just woken up from his nap out the back. Subsequently, I realized he had already consumed a large amount of whiskey – but nevertheless areally funny guy. Anyway, after chatting about his industrial gothic punk DJ ventures he asked if I wanted to see something cool and proceeded to head into a back room. There was a black bag on top of some boxes which he started to open, he of course then handed me over a shotgun. Pretty mad gig.

I never get on a flight without

My laptop! I’m more than happy to sit on any bus/train/flight for hours and hours as long as I have my laptop and Ableton. I quite like the isolation because there are no distractions like home life or even the internet. It’s a great time to utilize. I can get lost in a music project, or sort out stuff for the record label. There have even been times where I’ve wished a short flight had been longer because I’ve been lost in a track idea.

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