Patrik Berg has been described by many of his counterparts as ‘impulsive.’ It is most likely this impulsive nature though that makes him one of Germany’s most exciting talents. Hailing from the city of Cologne, a fertile breeding ground for electronic music with labels like RiotVan and Kompakt calling the city their home, it is no surprise Patrik Berg thrives on creativity through music. It is clear throughout his work that there is a conscious understanding of his environment, his audience and most importantly his craft. This creates a completely transformative experience when listening to his productions. To the point that Moniker Kruse, who will remix his latest release on her Terminal M (out August 31, 2020) has described him as ‘one of the great producers’ which is an accolade that should not be overlooked given her own pedigree as one of the scene’s greats.

As part of our Tour Baggage series, we sat with Patrik to discuss the up’s, down’s and dam right crazy experiences of life on the road.

The city I would love to move to one day.

The city I’m currently living in is honestly the city I love the most both in regards to club culture and the living conditions and people, this is not something I say out of patriotism but having been in quite a few different countries and venues Cologne is still very underrated, most people only talk about Berlin when it comes to German club culture even though Cologne has been highly influential. I moved here when I was 20 in 2005 from a smaller town named Bonn.

The last place to blow my mind

Tokyo was a city that had a big impact on me especially culturally, it’s an incredibly diverse place with many different subcultures co-existing and influencing each other, the way people interact and treat one another with such respect and awareness despite the city moving at such a fast pace at all times. The food was incredible as well.

The venue I played was Womb, an amazing club to play, everything was very well organized, and the enthusiasm was great

I never get on a flight without

Headphones with noise-cancelling (great for sleeping on a noisy plane as well). I really enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcasts during flights, other than that, as little baggage as possible.


The worst flight I’ve had

On the way to Sri Lanka, I was seated in the middle seat and had the displeasure of sitting next to a very overweight and ill man who kept coughing and sneezing throughout the flight and later spilt his soda into my luggage. Needless to say, I was completely ragged and jetlagged when I arrived after 16 hours.

Daftest thing I’ve done

Probably missing out on flights due to partying the day/night before. That’s a recurring thing that has happened a few times. Another thing was forgetting my shoes on the way to the flight and not noticing until I arrived at the airport close to boarding time.

Most unique place you have played?

The most surreal experiences I’ve had was playing the ‘Columbo’ in Sri Lanka, the venue is located right at the beach in the middle of a tropical jungle next to a hotel which had large glass facade with pools and balconies and that contrast of technology and nature along with the enthusiasm of the audience made for a great experience.

Last time you got into trouble in a hotel?

The only trouble I’ve had at a hotel was getting thrown out during an after-party due to forgetting about the early checkout time once, other than that I never had any issues.

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