Top 10 is back and this week we are sharing our favourite places to find new music on Youtube which is by far the best resource to find new music in our books. Whether you want to find an old school classic, the latest track from your favourite artist, or even some obscure, weirdness nestled in the depths of the internet then you are sure to find it in the seemingly infinte libraries of Youtube. It might be a good idea to clear some space on your USB.

Written by: Callum Martinez

Image credit: Szabo Viktor/Unsplash


Started by VSVN Louis and based out of London, this page is full of techno rollers, electro squelchers and UK flavours. Best of all, the money raised from ad revenue on the channel goes to charity, so you can help out whilst finding tunes.

some uncertain sir

Started in 2017, some uncertain sir is a treasure trove full of electro, rave bangers.


This page is a pretty mixed bag where you can find everything from UKG to trance.


Created by Berlin DJ Lucas Eb, 030esar030 is channel full to the brim of uplifting party tracks.


Ej is another channel that consists of various genres. You are sure to find some cool trance mixed up with old school house in here.


2 TON HEAVY run this heavily active Youtube channel which provides loads of new music every week. Based in Sheffield, 2 TON share a distinctive UK sound on their platform.

Ravier 2000

One of the older channels in the list, Ravier 2000 has been going since 2009. And as the name suggests it’s jam packed full of rave tracks young and old.

DJ Sandman

Based in London, UKG enthusiast DJ Sandman created this channel as a tribute to UK Garage from the mid to late 90’s and early 2000’s. If you love UKG then this channel will be the one to go for.

UFO Beats

Created in 2015, Croatian made UFO Beats is a one stop shop for micro, minimal and deep house music.


2trancentral, hailing from the Belgrade underground has been uploading music to youtube since 2008 (the first ever Youtube video was posted in 2005 just to give you some perspective on this) and is jam packed with rare, old school rave records.

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