Now that clubbing is set to make a return here in the UK we thought it would be a good time to look at some of our favourite clubs here in the UK in anticipation in this weeks edition of Top 10.

1.     Sub Club

Glasgow’s infamous Sub Club was born in 1987 one of the oldest existing clubs in the world. To claim that this building is a Scottish institution would be no stretch of the truth with some of the biggest stars in electronic music passing through its doors over the years. One of its biggest attractions however are its incredibly strong residents (Harry & Dominic) which have helped make Sub Club into what it is today. The club has a knack for nurturing talent and has nurtured some of Glasgows greatest talents including Denis Sulta, and Optimo to name a few.


2.     Fabric 

No introduction is needed for this illustrious club. In 2016 the club faced quite possibly its biggest challenge in its 22 year history when it had its license revoked sadly due to drug related deaths on the premises however, not many could have expected the reaction this decision would have on electronic music. A worldwide campaign was launched named #SaveFabric which saw over 150,000 people sign a petition to keep the club open, as well as every name in the industry calling for the saving of the club. This led to Fabric escaping closure. To see the way the whole world got behind this brilliant club is a testament to how loved this place is.

Image credit: @khromacollective

3.     Printworks London

The best place to see large scale events in London has to be Printworks in our book. The venue holds around 3000 people has had incredible shows such as Eric Prydz – HOLO, Hydra, and Aphex Twin, to acts outside of dance music including Skepta, and Dua Lipa.


4.     The Cause 

The Cause started up as a pop up club just outside of Tottenham Hale tube station and was quickly regarded a favourite for not only the fans, but also some of the acts that have played there. The club very graciously donates part of its profits to mental health charities, an act that is built into the very ethos of the venue. Check out the video we done with these guys below to find out more about the North London favourite.

5.     The Lion & Lamb 

This quaintly little pub in Hackney seems like every other in the country from the outside, but step through its doors and you will surely be impressed with its interesting dangling cable fixtures and colourful DJ booth. It wouldn’t be amiss to say that Lion & The Lamb is a place of importance for the minimal scene here in the UK, with huge stars passing through its doors such as Dyed Soundorom and Ricardo Villalobos.


6.     The White Hotel 

The White Hotel looks like the type of place you would probably avoid from the outside however, once you go inside and down the steps you walk its like stepping into a different world. A favourite for many of the DJs that have played in the city of Manchester, it has a unique atmosphere that will want you coming back for more and more. Its unique bar that was built into the floor is sadly gone now, but its iconic metal frame DJ booth still lives and we for one cant wait to see it again.


7.     Hidden 

Hidden is a Manchester staple and must see for any true electronic music aficionado. It has multiple large rooms in the venue leaving plenty to be explored, and it also has studios built upstairs with a whole host of Manchester based talent from different scenes crafting the new electronic sound of the city. Aside from events, the club also hosts its own radio show which you can tune into every Friday. To say that Hidden is a one stop powerhouse of electronic musical goodness would not be a stretch in and sense.


8.     MiNT Warehouse 

Surely no words are needed on the iconic Leeds institution MiNT Warehouse. After it’s well respected sibling MiNT Club closed back in 2019, the spirit of the club survived on in its warehouse space. The MiNT team have thrown some of the best parties in the history of the city (and possibly the UK) in this venue with the amazing lighting and amazing bookings in this space pretty much guarantees a good night out.


9.     Cobalt Studios 

Cobalt Studios started as a DIY project from a group of designers within the city of Newcastle and has evolved into affordable  venue hire that hosts club events, artists spaces, and learning programmes. This venue is literally built from an amazing community and is being tipped by many from the city as the best new venue there hence why it made our list.


10.  Motion 

Motion is an award winning venue in Bristol which has seen some of the biggest events in electronic dance music. The river facing venue is housed in a huge network of warehouses and also has a brilliant outdoor area. One of the bigger clubs on our list in terms of space, this unique venue is the perfect breeding ground for a scene as diverse and evolving as Bristols.



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