In this weeks edition of top 10 we are sharing our favourite females that we are listening to right now.

Words: Callum Martinez

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The contributions women have made in electronic music (and everything else in the world for that matter) have been instrumental to its growth. However, the debate of equality and respect is still a strong talking point within the industry, which seems ludicrous in 2021.

For women in the early days, radio was the place they seemed to make the most impact. In the 80’s it was Colleen Murphy (DJ Cosmo) who jumped on the airwaves and played eclectic dance music to mass audiences. This drew on inspiration from visits to David Mancuso’s private loft parties in New York. Later on in Europe, radio host Monika Dietl, who’s fascination with a weird and robotic sound coming out of Detroit had introduced a whole wave of Berliners to the sounds of techno. A move that has resulted in the German capital’s adoption and dominance of the genre. In the UK, DJ’s such as Annie Nightingale (and then later Annie Mac) were the go-to radio DJ’s when it came to new and exciting music. Inspired by the infectiousness of dance music, it was only natural for them to get behind it.

These are just a few examples, but one could argue that the contributions of women in radio and their eagerness to spread new styles of music to the mainstream masses is one of the key reasons as to why dance music has become a viable industry and career path for so many people. These days however, high profile female disc jockeys are not just limited to the realms of radio. Now more than ever, women are being booked as headliners at clubs and festivals and although there is still a long way to go in terms of true equality within this industry, an increasing number of female DJ’s are stepping behind the decks with the confidence to bring forward thinking and ground-breaking electronic music to our ears, just like the early female musicians such as Laurie Speigel, Suzanne Ciani and Daphne Oram did before them.

In light of this we decided to break down our favourite femme fatales; a group of talented selectors that will most certainly get you out of your seats, or at the very least, exposed to the more wonderful and weird side of electronic music:

  1. LCY

Hailing from the beautiful city of Bristol it’s easy to see where LCY gets her inspiration and diversity from in her sets. A member of the popular Six Figure Gang, a group of female DJ’s that are bringing a renewed energy to the rave scene here in the UK, LCY provides a pleasurable inconsistency to her sets dropping everything from rock, trap, jungle, footwork and more. LCY also owns her own label SZNS7N which she releases her own tracks on as well as the likes of NARA, Air Max 97′, Tailor Joe, and Ship Sket.

2. Sedef Adasi

Sedef Adasi has made a name for herself over the last few years and is becoming a go to name in her home of Germany. Resident DJ at the well renowned Blitz Club in Munich, her approach to music is a bounce between techno, disco, house, and electro. The energetic DJ has been featured on popular radio shows such as Rinse FM and HÖR, and is over here in the UK soon for an event with Labyrinth and DJ Koze which you can find more about here.

3. Tañ

Based in the city of Leeds, Tañ runs a UKG night under the name of Spin City. Expect skippy 2-step rhythms, RnB/Grime vocals, and swinging bass lines in Tañ’s mixes which have been featured on the amazing Partiboi69 YouTube channel, as well as the respectable RinseFM’s Garage Hour. It’s not all garage with Tañ however, as she is known to drop some harder, faster, ravier sets as well which shows the young DJ is diverse if anything else.

4. Anz

Manchester based Anz has been making waves the last couple of years which has a led to a quick rise in popularity within the UK scene. Anz has released on labels such as Hessle Audio and her own imprint OTMI, as well as hosting shows on BBC Radio 1 and NTS. She has even been booked by Lady Gaga for a show! Regardless of where it is or who it’s for, whenever Anz is involved great times are sure to follow.

5. Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi is a shining light in the dark for rave music and is probably one of the best selectors we have heard. The Australian princess of rave drops a fine mix of euphoric psytrance, and atmospheric breakbeats in her sets which she echoes in her cosmic style productions that she usually releases on labels such as Planet Euphorique and Kalahari Oyster Cult. Definitely one to keep your eye on.

6. D.Tiffany

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, D.Tiffany is the owner of the amazing Planet Euphorique label, and a long term collaborator with Roza Terenzi. D.Tiffany has had the difficulty of coming up in a part of the world that unfortunately doesn’t have the strongest of club scenes. Despite this however, D.Tiffany has still found success through her euphoric, breakbeat driven productions – the same style which can be found in many of her amazing sets.

7. Shanti Celeste

Chilean born, Bristol-based DJ and producer Shanti Celeste is an artist that needs no introduction. As a former employee of the respected Idle Hands record store in Bristol it’s not hard to figure out how Shanti has accumulated her skills as a selector. Now she runs the Peach Discs label and is frequently tearing up clubs either on her own, or with the likes of fellow DJ colleagues Call Super, Peach, Saoirse, and Moxie. Shanti is most certainly one of the hottest DJ’s in the UK right now and has a long list of shows already booked which we couldn’t be more pleased about.

8. Indira Paganotto

Madrid’s very own Indira Paganotto is a popular pick at the moment for all the right reasons. Heavy, fast paced techno is what to expect from Indira and her skills behind the decks have earned her slots on the incredible Maxximum radio, and she has recently earned a place on Charlotte Dewitt’s KNTXT party with Awakenings this year at ADE and rightly so! With her recently launched Artcore label Indira is sure to be bringing us lots of techno goodness. We cant wait!

9. Jossy Mitsu

Another member of the Six Figure Gang, Jossy Mitsu is not only a talented selector, but she is also revered by her peers for her amazing DJ skills. Representing Brum (Birmingham), Jossy has shown time and time again that she has no trouble mixing multiple genres into her intricate mixes, an attractive quality in any selector. Heavy bass lines, disorientating drum patterns, and ravey breakbeats are what to expect from Jossy. An exciting young DJ to keep your eyes on.

10. Yazzus

If there is one thing that you can expect from London-based DJ Yazzus, it is seriously high energy. Yet another artist from the amazing Six Figure Gang (you can tell we like these guys) and a pioneering force in the recent resurgence of a fast paced style of rave music ‘Footwork’, Yazzus’ sets – which often run as high as 160bpm – leave no room to relax, well maybe a minute or two if she opts for the occasional wheel-up. If you liked this Top 10 then you should check out our others here.

If you liked this Top 10 then you should check out our others here.


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