In this weeks Top 10 we go through some of the best resources out there to learn all you need to know about music production.

Usually when it comes to learning things the best place to start is school where you can be taught by professionals, but as with most things now, the internet has revolutionised the way we learn and source information. Nowadays people have access to huge amounts of professional information at their fingertips.

In this list we have chosen places that provide mostly free content and are considered reputable sources of information. Also, this list is for sources that cover music production in the more broader sense, so you wont find anything on particular genres here, probably.

So, without further ado, here is our top 10 music production resources.

Written by: Callum Martinez


ADSR sounds have been a quality source for music production education for a while now and have a huge and ever growing library of tutorials and courses. Whilst they do have a subscriptions service on their site which lets you access their huge library, they do provide some impressive content on their Youtube channel for free.

Dan Worrall

Birtish sound engineer Dan Worrall has been in the business a long time and is now sharing his wealth of experience in his incredibly informative (and free) Youtube videos. he covers many things such as compression, loudness, translating mixes, phasing and many other complex music production issues in a way thats easy to understand. Seriously, the content is that good it’s surprising that it’s free. He has even been hired by Fabfilter and UVI to do demo videos for their products.

Izotope Inc.

Makers of the legendary mastering plugin Ozone, Izotope are a respected manufacturer in the industry and their website/Youtube channel is jam packed with informative information on all aspects of music production. This one is definitely worth checking out if you get stuck with mastering.

Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound need no introduction. The premier music production magazine have been educating its readers on the world of audio for decades and although they primarily rely on user subscriptions, they still offer a huge amount of free content both on their website and Youtube channel. Those who are more serious about their audio careers should treat SOS as their audio bible.


Ableton is one of the most popular DAWS in the world, especially when it comes to dance music and their website and Youtube channel has heaps of content to help inspire, progress, and finish your music.

Rick Beato

Rick Beato is an experienced music producer from the states and specialises in music production, audio engineering, music theory and composing. This page is great if you want to learn some music theory behind famous songs, or how to get the most out of your studio recordings.

Mix With the Masters

Mix With the Master have brought together the best music producers in the world together to share their knowledge. If you want to know how some of the world biggest hits have been mixed, or keep up to date with current mixing trends, then this channel is the only place you should be.

Attack Magazine

Attack Magazine is a fantastic resource for music production, especially for the dance music producers out there. They have brilliant Q&A’s with artists, as well as very informative music production tutorials. If you want to know how to make music in different genres and styles this is the place to go.


Landr gets some stick from time to time as it is essentially using artificial intelligence to put mastering engineers out of business. Putting economic ethics aside however, the website has some really good informative information around various music production topics and is well worth checking out.


Gearspace (Formerly known as Gearslutz) is one of the most famous pro audio forums on the internet. You will find posts about anything related to pro audio in here as well as music production with a very active community making it a great resource to have.

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