In this weeks Top 10 we look at some of our favourite music books. If you have ever wondered how major artists think about music, how techno in Berlin got started, or how to DJ, then this list has you covered.

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Bass, Mids, Tops

Written by Joe Muggs, this book is all about UK soundsystem culture. Structured as a series of interviews with multiple generations of musicians across various genres, the book highlights the effect Jamaican music culture had on the UK, and its influence on various genres such as Reggae, Jungle, and Dubstep. The book interviews everyone from Adrian Sherwood to Shy One with a wicked selection of music in it to boot. A must read if you are a lover of all things bass.

How Music Works

Talking heads co-founder David Bryne shares his vast experiences in the music industry in this fantastic book. Covering everything from  performing live and recording in the studio, to the music business and technology’s impact, this book is a go-to for every lover of music.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Probably one of the most well know electronic music books ever written, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is the ultimate compendium on DJ history. The book chronicles the art form from the early days of radio to modern day DJ megastars, and is a must read if you love a DJing.

How To DJ (Properly)

Known for writing the best books on DJ culture, Bill Brewster once again has helped write another amazing book, and this time it’s a manual. The book features comments from DJ greats including David Mancuso and David Morales to name a few. It also covers in great detail various techniques and concepts such as beat matching and phrasing, as well as technical aspects such as the anatomy of the turntable and others. If you want to learn how to be a good DJ but don’t have a teacher available then this book may be your saving grace.

For The Record

Another interview based book this time from Red Bull Music Academy. The book hosts a selection of interviews in which various artists have interviewed each other. DJ Harvey x Ben UFO, Robert Henke x Tom Oberheim, Carsten Nicolai x Olaf Bender x Uwe Schmidt –  this book is jammed packed with interesting interviews as some of the most forward thinking musicians in the last few decades swap notes.

Der Klang Der Familie

This interview based book is an historical discectomy of Techno in Berlin. From the struggles of accessing music in East Berlin, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the explosion of the techno rave culture afterwards, and the beginnings of UFO, this book is your chance to get an insight on how it all happened directly from the mouths of the people involved.

Transcendent Waves

Lavender Suarez opens your mind to the wonders of the sound around in this beautiful book. A sound healing practitioner, meditation teacher, and artist, Lavender has put years of her work and expertise into creating this book in the hopes of helping you unlock your creative potential and help you further understand the sonic world that is around us all.

Push, Turn, Move

Push, Turn, Move is the ultimate synthesizer book. A bestseller since its release, Kim Bjørn has covered pretty much everything you need to know about the machines that changed music forever.

Daphne Oram: An Individual Note

True electronic music fans will know that the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was instrumental in pushing electronic music forward and Daphne Oram was the one who made it all happen. Undoubtedly a pioneer of electronic music as we know it today, this book is a collection of Daphne Oram’s notes on electronics, mathematics, and her own personal thoughts on sound, as well a detailed look at her ‘Oramics machine’.

Ocean of Sound

One of the best books we have ever read, this masterpiece is a dedicated history on the ambient genre and covers the work of artists such as Brian Eno, Sun Ra, Erik Satie and many others. Toop takes you through the rainforests of the Amazon and the cities of Tokyo in this encyclopaedia of ambient sound.


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