Welcome to The Down Low, where we unpack the secrets of the music business so that you upcoming and aspiring musicians have all the tools you need to get you going. This week we are taking a look at PR agencies. A PR agency is a business that is specifically created to help get you press. Be it magazines, TV, radio, popular music blogs or online channels to name a few. Some even go the extra mile and help you with things like media training, and brand partnerships. So, if you have ever wondered how a certain DJ managed to worm their way into a feature in your favourite music mag, 9 times out of 10, it was probably from the help of a PR agency.

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So, now that we have an inkling on what a PR agency does, let’s take a closer look into how they do it.

Before your new EP or album gets shoved into the emails of every press contact the PR agency or agent has amassed over years of networking, the PR first has to work out your brand or image, as this is one of the main things they will use to ‘sell’ you to the relevant press outlet. They have to make your artist profile attractive enough so that the press (in this case let’s say DJ Mag) will want to feature you.

The labels your records have been released on, artists that have showed you support, venues that you have played, and other relevant information is all helpful as to how they will pitch your story. It can sometimes be a good idea to have a lot of this stuff ready beforehand so that the PR can get working on it a little faster.

In terms of branding the PR will have a look at your persona also when pitching you to the right press outlet. Are you the bad boy DJ that goes wild on stage, or the deep, quiet, artistic musician that lets your music speak for itself? All of these things will be a factor when designing your press package, and also to which press outlets to feature you in.

Your PR also needs to be active in building and maintain new and current relationships and should be constantly feeding you new opportunities for press. If your PR agency doesn’t get back to you frequently, then that is usually a warning sign in itself that you should find somebody else.

So, if you want to get your new release featured in the press, then it’s clear a good PR agency can give you the help that you need giving you a boost if you don’t already have the press contacts yourself. Below are some great PR companies that can get you started on your way to fame.

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Acrylic Artists

Eureka Artists

Infamous PR

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