Spencer Parker is the British born, Berlin-based electronic music aficionado, but more than that he is an artist & producer that manifests everything good about our scene. He is a regular at legendary spots like Panorama Bar/Berghain and Concrete while his output sits in the boxes of DJs like Ryan Elliott, The Black Madonna, DVS1 and Gerd Janson.

With a record store background, it’s unsurprising that Parker’s instinct to dig is paired with an unapologetically high standard when it comes to track selection. As a result, he’s a DJ who draws on undiscovered classics as much as he does unreleased material during a typical set. This perfectionist stance spills into his production work too – taut, energetic and often relentless productions released through a select group of outlets including his own Work Them Records and Radio Slave’s Rekids, an imprint he very much considers a home away from home.

One of our all-time favourite artists, an unsung hero and someone we greatly admire its a pleasure to welcome Spencer Parker onto our Behind The Headphone series.

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