A mini milestone for The RRP as we hit episode 025 in our podcast series. As huge supporters of underground talent and grass roots artists, we pride ourselves on supporting the future selectors and crate diggers of tomorrow. This weeks mix comes from Röxby & Bonz a dedicated duo from the North East.

The young DJs who were born and bred in ‘the dark slums of Middlesbrough,’ have started making a name for themselves on the thriving Boro circuit. Having immersed themselves in a healthy selection of local nights the move to DJing was the logical next step. Events like *RiffRaff & Shake are currently some of the UK’s best brands and this constant contact with quality music has made the perfect platform for the boys inspiration.

The duo who recently got their first break at *RiffRaff events have not looked back since. Now becoming a pillar of the unstoppable brand, they frequently feature on sold out line ups across the North East as the resident duo. Their desire to play when ever and wherever has also seen them launch their own brand under the moniker, TRADE. Although in its formative stage we have been been told of some exciting plans including the upcoming launch night.

As with many artists these days the ability to move a crowd from behind the decks is not necessarily enough to break in a competitive industry. However the duo have combined the impressive record collections with flawless productions distinguishing them even further from the crowd. Signed to PitchBend Recordings they have a string of releases lined up which will demonstrate their love for deep techno influenced house music.

Their mix for The RRP demonstrates a maturity beyond their years. Full of flawless house blends and the occasional heavy number it is the perfect Tuesday listening. Two of our favourite young artists and we are confident in their ability to succeed in the future. In fact we were so impressed with their recent set at *RiffRaff that we have invited the duo to London for our April showcase. Check out the mix and when you are toe tapping and hip shaking bowl through to April 20 at The Glove That Fits and watch the boys in full swing.

Q & A with Röxby & Bonz

What is your ultimate closer?
Solarstone – Under The Sun “Has to be a classic”

What was your biggest tune of 2018?
Second City – Tomorrows World “A Pyar Bangor”

Your Dance floor weapon?
Dms Let Me Tell You Somthin (Tees Ill house mix)

Bonz guilty secret?
Pulled down the lighting at The Zoo project resulting in being kicked out proceeding to elbow a bus stop.

RÖXBY guilty secret?
Touched the screen during a set at *RiffRaff and skipped the track live, luckily no one noticed.

Worst track ever made?
Fisher losing it “Too over played, can’t go to a party without it being requested, rather play Gangnam style mate”

Your Guilty pleasure track?
Walter Beasleys – lil touch of jazz “ Absolute classic, listen to it whilst clipping your toenails and that mate, cheers Jason for the recommendation”