Afterlife seems to continusouly climb the metaphorical underground ladder. Striving to reach the pinnacle of dance music and everything it has to offer. Sold out shows around the globe at venues like Hï Ibiza, Parc Del Forum and Mandarine Park have garnered a die hard following. The same can be said about the constant stream of club classics released on their label Afterlife Recordings, like the highly anticpated ‘Nothing Around Us’ EP from Mathame.

The EP comes from another richly talented duo by the name of Mathame. Originating from the base of Europes most volcanic mountain, Mt Etna. The Italian brothers first featured on the second Realm Of Consciousness compilation. Ever since Mathame, and there spiritual, esoteric brand of techno has been a constant theme at Afterlife shows. Mainly for their sought-after, unreleased tracks that Tale Of Us play in abundance to packed crowds.

The brothers have a distinctive way of treating their vocals. Nowhere is this more clear than on the title track  ‘Nothing Around Us’, with the cyber voice of the young Italian artist Lyke. The track is high energy, whilst taking the listener into deeply euphoric state of mind. It is impossible not to be completely immersed. Transporting you into a realm of consciousness that discards daily struggles.

The top quality production and original sound continue with the more understated ‘22’ and end with another prime example of Mathame’s vocal work, ‘Fade Into You’. This EP is a show of force that cements the well-deserved excitement around Mathame.