Paradiso Records is still an imprint in its formative stages, however its youthful energy and obvious passion has already made it a label of note. They released their debut EP last November with Sam Goes To Tokyo acting as the labels torch bearer. Unlike many young labels, Paradiso Records have hit the ground running and seen the debut release garner international recognition.

Looking to continue their momentum label boss, REES jumped on the opportunity to sign Tel Aviv’s, COHN. Not only has this proved to be a forward thinking decision, but it has also paid dividends further enhancing the labels reputation abroad with the second release producing a blend of hip-hop inspired, raw house flavours on ‘Boom Bap House Vol. II.’

The third release, the first of 2019 has fallen to Sheffield-based duo The Native Project. Their EP, titled Kelham is a good example of the labels musical diversity. The EP has an impressive ability to cause the listener to lose oneself and then come round to the realisation that they have jumped genres and crossed boarders with out any realisation. This is not an EP that can easily be pigeonholed. In fact to do so would not afford The Native Project the praise they deserve. Their are Elements of deep house, breakbeat, ambient and even acid that have all been delicately inserted to tie the whole thing together.

This release represents what Sheffield means to The Native Project and their journey through the city. In particularly Kelham Island. Kelham was once a thriving industrial part of Sheffield and is pictured in the artistic painting of this release’s artwork. Now this place has been gentrified. Turning into a location rich in life and culture. An array of bars and restaurants aid the ability of creatives to blossom. This in turn has in turn bread a new generation of artists.

Each track represents something special to them and the city, our favourite is the final track of the EP, Soul. As the title suggests ‘Soul’ gives off a beautiful warmth and uplifting vibe to perfectly round off an EP which takes you on an emotional journey. The opening stabs immediately grab your attention as new elements are introduced along the way building to something much bigger and brighter. An exceptional track from an outstanding EP. Be sure to keep a close eye on The Native Project and Paradiso this year.