Regardless of your taste, style or age, Ibiza remains the heart of the electronic community. Yes, various genres may have stronger boltholes in cities around the world, but no other dance destination can draw people from every walk of the electronic community in the way the island does. Its ability to evolve, regenerate and recycle allows seasoned ravers, holidaymakers and the next generation of dancers to share the floor and listen to the industries most exciting DJs in some of the worlds most impressive clubs. One of the venues at the heart of this regeneration. A catalyst for progression and an example of the island’s ability to remain a forward-thinking creative space is Octan.

When Sankey’s closed many argued it marked another notch in the already changing nature of the island. A downward spiral for club culture in the Balearics and a move towards VIP, table service. For so long Sankeys has been the nitty, gritty no thrills venue for proper underground clubbing on the island. Many feared the island had been on the precipice and this was the tipping point of which there would be no return.

With the season already well underway an announcement was made that a team had been working in secret, to restore the former Sankeys site. Octan was born and the policy was simple. “Creative Club Culture.” The mission? Offers an alternative to the traditional Ibiza superclub experience. Something more intimate and personal, more welcoming and inclusive. They intended to bring back the culture for clubbing that the island had lost by taking a more creative approach to both the club environment and the musical programming.

It appears the team behind the venture have not only delivered but also usurped there original mission. The debut season has been a success with the venue becoming one of the islands most talked about venues. It has become the go-to location for those with a more acquired musical pallet that prefer top of the range sound, rather than high-end champagne. This is in part due to the nature of the people that make up the management team. The organisers, residents and everyone involved in the venture have been born on the dance floor rather than picked from a boardroom or youtube channel.

The end of September marks the start of closings and the end of season one for the venue. However, as anyone that has been to the island before will know, this is when the island goes into overdrive. If you thought it was a hedonistic, fairyland throughout the season you should be prepared for the second wind that comes with closings. It appears that just as it has been throughout the season, Octan will be at the forefront of the closing fiesta’s, positioning themselves ahead of the ‘pack’ and setting the benchmark.

On Sunday, 6th October they will be running a mammoth 12-hour closing party. An unmissable final hurrah. Headline duties will fall to Octan residents Steve Lawler and Apollonia (aka Shonky, Dyed Soundorom and Dan Ghenacia), and they will be joined by the likes of Nicolas Lutz, Wade, D’Julz, Traumer, Darius Syrossian, Leon, Wade, East End Dubs, Clive Henry, Stefano Noferini, Chelina Manuhutu and many more.

This summer has seen Apollonia launch their brand new residency Planet Claire to critical acclaim, as well as 7 exclusive Warriors parties from Steve Lawler. It is an exciting time for the venue that has not hesitated in mixing the pack and changing the rules this season. We expect the closing party to continue in a similar vein with the various dance floors the venue offers becoming the meeting place for those in love with the underground to send off the season in style.

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