German based electro artists Not Even Noticed tread into ambient waters in their latest release.

Frankfurt duo Not Even Noticed have had a string of records released over the last year. Their sound often shifts from high energy rave cuts to electro whilst falling into ambient territory on their six track release with Gated, a record label based out of London, UK.

Similar themes from their previous endeavours have managed to creep their way into this record. Dreamy vocals, lush pads, breakbeat rhythms, and acid leads drive the narrative of most of the EP, a sound that is becoming synonymous in Not Even Noticed work.


Tracks such as ‘Transcendence’, ‘Benevolence Will Come Down From Heaven’, ‘Acid Dream’ & ‘Get Outta Here’ pay homage to the classic 90s rave aesthetic. Depending on your age (or musical palette for that matter) you may find yourself reminiscing back to artists such as the Future Sound of London, Josh Wink, and Orbital as sharp breaks and soft vocals carry the groove. ‘Bandit’ ditches the breaks and goes down a more electro route with a blisteringly fast bpm and a distorted acid bass line that attacks your senses from every angle. The final track of the EP ‘Submissive’ veers off in another direction however, and is purely ambient. Melancholic vocals that seemingly reflect the frustration of being cooped up indoors drift over what sounds like field recordings of tides or surf, with long sustained pad chords which complete the soundscape.

Standout track – Transcendence

You can buy Muted Noises here.


  1. Acid Dream
  2. Bandit
  3. Transcendence
  4. Get Outta Here
  5. Benevolence Will Come Down From Heaven
  6. Submissive