In 2018, Resident Advisor referred to Man Power as ‘intergalactic house music’ which, while barely scratching the surface of his musical predilections and output, is about as close as anyone has come to wrapping it up neatly.

In the seven or so years that Man Power has existed as an alias of Newcastle’s Geoff Kirkwood, it’s become pleasingly difficult to pin down what it’s all about but there has been a media, record label, nightclub and dancer consensus that it’s very much worth paying attention to. A discography that takes in Life & Death, Hivern Discs, Optimo Trax, ESP Institute and Correspondent, as well as his own beautifully, curated Me Me Me and newly minted Now Now Now imprints is not to be sniffed at.

Man Power like many DJ before him has travelled the world ten times over. What makes him different to some is his passion for his home, the North East of England and everything it stands for. Infatuated by the beauty & talent that lies within he is on a mission to propel the area into the public eye.

As the newly appointed artist in resident at Sage Gateshead we decide it was time to pick his brain about life Behind The Headphones.

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