In the latest edition of our Label Watch feature we spoke to Francesca Lombardo on the origins of the Echolette & Echoe labels, taking risks, and the labels latest compilation release.

Throughout the decade, Francesca Lombardo’s Echolette has remained a pillar of excellence in the electronic music sphere. Launched in early 2010, this year marks the tenth anniversary of Francesca Lomabrdo’s Echolette. Since inception, the label has nurtured the careers of Hector, Nima Gorji, Birds Of Mind and more, whilst also springboarding several other of Francesca’s Italian contemporaries in the form of INTO YOU and II Faces. Six years later saw the creation of Echoe, a darker, more techno-oriented output that is often described by the label-head as the male counterpart to Echolette. Such contrasting styles have manifested in forging a symbiotic relationship between the two imprints, with the likes of Audiofly, Gel Abril, Cassy and many others releasing on Echoe in recent times.

You can purchase Francesca Lombardo Presents, Echolette & Echoe: In Retrospect here.

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