“Being a good artist means being a good man first” words worthy of living a happy life by. These are the words of Lehar aka Lorenzo the Italian artist based just outside of Venice, Italy.

If you have ever listened to Lehar and his musical compositions, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process. The feelings generated within his DJ set reflects his approach to life with spontaneity, and passion the key driving forces.

Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings put him on the map of modern electronic music and is a good representation for his artistic manifesto. A mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines with intriguing melodies.

Lehar’s Ep ”Magic Realism” on Diynamic Music, the indie single ”Number One Hero” featuring Rush Midnight on 2DIY4, his contribution to the “10 Years of Diynamic” album celebration, his mini-album “Picture” released in October 2017 on Diynamic Music, as well as in 2018 he released on his own imprinting “Penta EP”, have consolidated his reputation as a producer.

It is a challenge standing out as a Producer but a greater skill to excel as DJ simultaneously. Never the less he has excelled as an artist with his impressive skills behind the decks earning him a residency at Heart Ibiza and shows across countless countries and every continent bar Antarctica.

2020 has proven a mere stumbling block for Lehar who Thanks to the active work on the remix side and a few collaborations with Musumeci, Lehar’s music also appears on Compost Black Label, Endless, My Favorite Robot, Mood Music as well as Lost & Found.

Lehar emotional DJ set reflects his approach to life, spontaneous and passionate. Aiming to create a night able to return as much as possible his musical concepts, Lehar has designed and built his first ”All Through The Night” tour. We caught up with Lehar in his home as he spoke candidly about his life behind the headphones and what it means to be an artist in his eyes.

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