Small Great Things is a new label from Luca Olivotto of Endless Music and Jean Philipp Oliver Viol. As part of our label watch series, we sat down with Luca to discuss Small Great Things and what it takes to run a label in 2020.

Small Great Things is the name of your new label launching in June 2020. Can you talk us through the name? Does it have a deeper meaning or is it simply a collection of words?

Firstly, thanks for having me in for this interview, I’m really happy to talk to you. Yes, the label name has a deeper meaning, it was a real effort to find a special name for this new imprint but I feel we found the right name that suits the kind of productions we will be releasing. The name was chosen because, in life, the little things are more important than big things sometimes. Even if it often doesn’t seem this way.


Launching a label is no small feat and to do it well takes months of planning. Has the current situation with COVID-19 created any logistical problems or affected your plans for Small Great Things?

I took 1 year to plan this label and prepare it for launch. Fortunately, the Covid-19 situation hasn’t been too big a deal for us, when it comes to the starting of this new imprint. Logistically we haven’t had any problems due to stocking at the moment at our distributor and the release is for now limited to 300 pieces. If the first press sells out we will think about whether to proceed with a new repress.


You are also the owner of the Endless music label. What was the thinking behind launching a second imprint? Does having two labels allow you to explore a wider spectrum of music and artists?

The new imprint was launched because there was a need to start something more classical and pressed on vinyl. Endless Music my other label is for now only digital. It’s true, having two labels will give us the chance to explore things with more artists with different styles and approaches.

But on SGT we will keep and releases only to two main genres, House and Disco.

Do you think the ease at which artists and labels can put music out is beneficial in the long term?

I don’t think it’s really beneficial in the long term as it’s more important to release less music but with higher productions quality.
Today, it’s really easy to release music (digitally) with limited cost and effort.


What is the most common mistake you have seen when people are trying to get their music signed?

Simply to send over music without any information and often music without any heart. I  also made a lot of mistakes in the past, it’s simply human.


Some labels release music on an almost weekly basis whereas others release only a handful of records each year. Which approach are Small Great Things going to take and for what reason?

On SGT we will release a handful of records each year because the target is to focus more on quality and selected releases.
Logically also the production cost for vinyl is a lot higher than a digital release. Same thing for the promotion.


Finally, talk us through the next few months for Small Great Things?

We will focus on our first release for now, after that we will plan the second one. Some works from other artists are already under discussion and we decided to keep a minimum 2-3 months to each release. Probably the next release will be a Various Artists with each of the four tracks from different producers and pressed of course on vinyl.


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