Introducing Storken. The young Swedish DJ & Producer that has already achieved feats only matched by Kim Kardashian. His track Lille Vals broke the internet and since then each day brings new accolades, new fans that includes the likes of Gerd Janson, Kornel Kovacs and Jeremy Olander. For anyone that has had the pleasure of hearing Storken musical output, you will quickly understand why he is destined for success. Storken mission seems to be a simple one. Namely flying the flag for high energy, disco-influenced good times for the people. There is a clear belief that music should be about happiness, hedonism and the eccentrics that once made it great.

Given Storken rapid acceleration towards musical superstardom, we thought it time to sit with the man himself as part of our introducing series and shed some light on the man behind the music.

Tell us about your upbringing… We have read that your parents were busy touring as part of a band, do you think you were always destined for a career in music?

Well, I certainly fell for what it was very early. I don’t think I realized the depth of possibilities until I started producing digitally around 2009. I play both drums and guitar, and I’m a decent “one finger pianist”. So when I discovered digital producing and plugins etc I realized I could export my thoughts and ideas to reality. That’s when it got really interesting.

Outside of electronic music is there anything you excel at or deeply passionate about?

The Cosmos. Energies. Patterns of the universe. Tryin to be observant of it, trying to be here and now. Always. It’s hard but it’s as everything else, progress is made by reaching towards something one step at a time. 

A lot of people try to break the internet. Most fail. You, however, seemed to have achieved this feat with your release Lille Vals on Gerd Janson’s, Running Back. When a track gains such popularity as this did. How do you follow something like this up?

I’ll just keep doing whatever I’m doing. I don’t think, that’s it. My manager is in charge of thinking.

You are just beginning what will look like a fruitful career in music. Who are the artists that aspire you and have you been given any advice that you think will help you achieve your goals?

I’d say if Jeremy Olander and Todd Terje had a baby, I think I’d be that baby. I love Todd Terje’s groovy playfulness and Jeremy’s sound perfection. But I’m basically trying to fit the best from all earlier influences into what I’m creating, whether it’s Rammstein or Queen or ABBA or Elton etc.

The Swedish “Todd Terje” is a monica that some have anointed you with. Are these comparisons useful or a distraction for up and coming artists?

Wow, well it’s an honour for starters. That’s like being called “the Norwegian Zlatan”. No, but it’s a great question, it kinda goes hand in hand with the “how to proceed from a hit”- question. I believe that if you’re not certain about your sound and where you’re aiming, yea, I think it could be distracting because you’d probably start doubting your own opinion. The only thing you have to remember is as Eric Prydz said, “don’t make music to please anyone else other than yourself”. I’ve recently come to realize that I’m apparently pretty picky when it comes to music productions, haha. So your personal pickiness is deciding your sound for you. Trust yourself!

Can you tell us a bit about the Swedish electronic scene? Is it a good place to grow and develop your skills?

Sweden is pretty up to date. Right now it’s very much lightening up from a few dark techno years (thank god), while Studio Barnhus and their happy vibe is spreading! But I tend to get going, mixing the Norwegian electronic disco with ABBA and Kornel Kovacs. Sweden has got many of the greatest musicians ever, it’s great to be reminded and surrounded by. 

What has been the hardest life decision you have ever had to make?

Hm, I don’t know. Decisions are made all the time. Every single nerve signal is transmitted out of a decision of the electronic pulse in the quantum world. I don’t regret anything as every single decision has lead me to this moment. But I’d say that one of the bigger scale decisions I’ve made was leaning in towards that first kiss with that first girl, you know, that was most certainly a highly crowded nerve moment. 

Finally, if could produce a track with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

Phil Collins, cause of his creative playfulness and his incredible drum skills. Queen, because of Freddie’s voice and the guitars sounds. Salem Al Fakir, because he is a musical genius. And Ted Gärdestad. Actually, I’d rather just sit and observe Salem Al Fakir and Ted Gärdestad working their magic together.

‘Opak Silence’ – Frangie (Storken Snowroller Mix) OUT NOW