In this edition of our Introducing series we spoke to Tel Aviv artist Eliezer. Eliezer is a well established artist in the Tel aviv scene having curated parties for around 20 years and has released on labels such as Night Noise & Eskimo Recordings. We spoke to Eliezer on his early beginnings, hosting parties, and difficulties he has faced.

At what point did you see a career within electronic music being the career for you? Was it something you aspired to from a young age, or was there a ‘lightbulb’ moment which inspired you to pursue it?

Well I started to play when I was 19 to support my music, we use to have some post punk r&r bands, and in 2001 I started to play a bit of a dark disco, and electro clash. I think that was the moment that I socked into the electronic world then it became really crazy, we played all the time in doors outdoors techno acid and we were so few DJs in tel Aviv.

You host and curate your own parties at Beit Hapsanter (The Piano House) and Pasaz, can you give us an insight about it all?

Sure during the dying I opened a few clubs first the Radio E.P.G.B that was a tribute to the legendary C.B.G.B we use to start the night with a band and then underground electronic music it was crazy very experimental.
Then it was the Pasaz and Hapsanter. So, any one of my clubs I use to pick one day that really purely bring my vibe and the things that I like about nightlife and electronic.

Having released on Prins Thomas label Internasjonal, Eskimo recordings, La Dame Noir records to name a few, what advice would you give to other artists looking to get there first track signed?

That’s the one I got a lot from as a young artist. The most important thing I think its first to realise that the first EP it’s not your last and its the start beginning of people knowing you so don’t wait for like 2 years to get an answer from a major label start with the small that reflect your vibe and really want to support your music and support you a few things to notice it’s the P.R of the label
And the people who run it that they really work for your EP. I have a lot more to say but that will be in the master class 🖤

You have toured throughout Europe, North, South and Central America, is there a certain city/country which has stood out the most to you? (nightlife/culture/people/music/sites)

There is a lot but if I’ll have to choose one it will be Mexico (Mexico city Guadalajara and a lot more.) for people music nightlife, and also Belgrade because it was a really cool surprise.

What has been the most difficult moment of your musical career so far and how did you overcome it?

10 years ago I opened a club and had a kid, and I really didn’t want to produce anymore, so it was like a bit off a thinking time. I used to write a lot and be with my child Raphael — it was like an 2 years, and then I come back I got my second child EMMANUELLE and get back to produce. All that time I kept DJ but with no production it was different and not existed playing.

To some of our readers, they won’t know much about the growing scene in Tel Aviv, what could you tell them about it, that would shed some light about what’s going on there? (nightclubs, artists, promoters)

Electronic music and Tel Aviv has a big history from trance, techno, and acid. We had lots of clubs for electronic music,
I think that what makes things more interesting is that there is a lot of music from out of tel Aviv with a unique sound and influences, plus all of the new and old promoters if we were not in Corona time you would have a lot of festival plus clubbing every day Monday to Friday. There is a lot of small clubs that are really trying to bring their angle and open every day. A lot of this is for the breakfast radio E.P.G.B, piano house, alphabet, sexy fish…

Finally, if you could produce a track with any artist past or present who would it be and why?

Wow its always hard to pick one but I will love to send some stems to Liam Howlett (Prodigy), and James Murphy.
For a singer I will love to work and have a new vocal from Siouxsie from the banshees.

You can buy ‘Jehrico 1997’ here.

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