This is Introducing, where we speak to the best up and coming talent in dance music. This week we spoke to Spanish DJ/producer tag team Disaia. Their new Cubbe EP has just released on Hot Creations this month. We spoke to the exciting new duo about their origins, influences and running a label.

How and when did you guys meet? And at what point did you decide to form Disaia?

Victor: We are from the same town, actually we already knew each other, but our friendship began thanks to the music. I had been playing music for a long time but when I started to coincide with Jesus, I saw him play and I was surprised by the creativity in his mixes.

Jesús: The truth is that Victor and I used to coincide when we played in the clubs in our town or in the different towns in the area. I remember that we both showed each other the edits we made or even shared all the music we downloaded. We always shared all the tracks with each other and we played together every time we played in the same night club even though we appeared separately on the bill.

Victor: We have several friends in common who share our passion for electronic music, they produced tracks from scratch, track by track, while we continued with our edits of the songs that we liked the most.
I decided to install different programs, I was testing and I began to train in music production with Ableton.
Jesús: Exactly the same thing happened to me, I saw how our friends produced and I became more and more interested each time, I practically tried to stay with them every day to see them produce. They produced with Ableton, although I didn’t understand or play anything, I spent hours and hours watching them in the studio, I was always late home. Until one day I said, I’m going to install a program (which was FL Studio), I’m going to download sounds and I’m going to make a track…

Victor: It was curious because we started with different programs, and although we started separately, we stayed to show each other the projects and see the tracks we made, Jesus in a self-taught way and on his own account would teach me his ideas and I would share mine with him. Later we both decided to work on Ableton to pass the projects on to us. We started releasing our first tracks separately on a friend’s label named “Safir Muzik” but we also did a lot of collaborations together. We had a conversation and realized that when we met to produce together the ideas were much better. We are both the same,
we liked the same style and we had the same goals, that’s where the idea of forming a duo came from.


What were your early musical influences? What artists have inspired you the most?

Victor: We have had many musical influences, of all kinds and of all styles, our parents are lovers of funk music and the 80s.

Jesús: Actually my father continues to listen to music of all kinds,
now he is more like me because he is collecting all kinds of music and has stored a lot of old music and when he listens to them they give me a lot of ideas.

Victor: But when it comes to electronic music, over the years we have had many artists who have inspired us and have been a great reference for their music and personality…
Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Marco Carola and Loco among many others are the artists who have influenced the most and who are in the reference of any producer or artist that begins to form.

Jesús: Without a doubt they are the reference of all of us…
but there are so many artists who inspire me that it would be impossible to mention them all, I remember that one of the most influential for me was Wade, I love his style, also Solardo, Detlef and Latmun … but even now new artists are emerging that I listen to and admire.

What has been your favourite event you have played so far and why?

Victor: 2 years ago we had the opportunity to play in Ibiza at a “Boat Party” it was an unforgettable experience thanks to the magic that surrounds the island, we hope to repeat again soon.

Jesús: For me it was in February 2020, we went to the south of Spain, to play at “Discoteca On”, it was the night that I most enjoyed and connected with the public.

In 2018, you launched your own label ‘SIENA’,
can you give us an insight into the full ethos behind it and your plans for the label moving forward?

Jesús: We created the label at the same time as “Disaia”, we could not sign some of our tracks on the labels that we proposed, we had only been around for a short time and we were not known at all, they hardly gave us the opportunity to listen to our tracks. It was many days of work and we have always had confidence in our ideas, the objective was to launch our music on all platforms so that they could be heard. That is why we decided to create a label where we would release the tracks that we did not sign on the rest of the labels.

Victor: We started with the idea of publishing only our tracks, but we saw that we received many emails from artists who, like us, were just starting out and were only looking to launch their music. It is a process that every artist must go through, but we wanted to give visibility and dedicate the label to provide opportunities to all types of producers, be they beginners or experienced, we always support talent and guide us through everything their music transmits to us.

Jesús: We could say that Siena has a young and daring spirit, most of the tracks released are by young producers, so far we have released music of different styles such as “House or Minimal / Deep Tech” but mostly they are from “Tech House” with a lot of voice, powerful and cracked basses and fresh percussions. Although honestly, we dare to launch any type of track that moves us without paying attention to the genre or the style.

Victor: Siena has grown in all its aspects, now there is better sound quality, better covers, better promotion …We are planning to release great EPs and collaborations with recognised artists, we have several ideas, maybe at some point we will also see the release of an album.It is difficult to know what is going to come in the next few years but we will try to adapt in the best way to the times that come and take care of our label with the same principles that began.

What has been your greatest life achievement so far?

Victor: We have been 4 years since we started this adventure together and our greatest achievement at a production level has been signing in Hot Creations,
we grew up listening to music from this label and dreaming every day that this moment would arrive, but we also have other goals and dreams to fulfil as artists and for this we must continue in this line of work.

Jesús: For me the greatest achievement has been that the best artists in the world play our tracks in the best festivals and venues of the electronic scene
and that people go crazy with them, but I’m not going to lie to you … putting your own music on the clubs around the world is the most rewarding for an artist. In February our EP is out on Hot Creations and since we announced the release of the EP it has been something that has excited us a lot.

You both grew up in a town at the south west of Extremadura, and now reside in Madrid.
Can you tell us your favourite clubs you have visited/played from across Spain?

Jesús: To be honest, like “Disaia” we have not yet toured Spain as much as we would like,
most of the time we get shows outside our country, but we have been lucky enough to play in big clubs hosted in Madrid with friends from ” Ataraxia “, Ibiza, Andalucia in” Discoteca On “and all with very good experiences in all the places where we have played, but most have been in our land, Extremadura, I really liked both editions of” Ohana House Parties “,” Holi Festival “,” ExtreRave Festival “,” Tormenta Fest”
or even in the parties of ” Warm Up electronica” sharing a great lineup with great artists in all of them.

If you both could produce a track together or separately with any artist past or present who would it be and why?

Victor: I would like to collaborate with John Summit, for us he is an exceptional producer, we identify a lot with his style.

Jesús: I think it would be a very interesting challenge to collaborate with another duo that I listen to a lot called ANOTR.

You can buy the new Cubbe EP from Disaia here.

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