Last Thursday an 8,000 strong hoard descended on a small Welsh town in the North of Wales. However this is not a one-off occurrence but instead the annual pilgrimage of a loyal, musically aware & feverishly hedonistic movement of underground party people. Their destination? Gottwood Festival.

Having attended the first three editions of the festival as far back as 2009 it was clear the ethos of the organisers was to avoid the mundane & the mainstream. The artists that are booked each year are as musically curious as those that wander through the enchanted forests to dance under the Trigon or in the Walled Garden. Fast forward to 2019 and the tenth anniversary and the festival still encapsulates all that is pure with underground music.

By far the biggest event to date you would be excused for thinking its intimacy might be compromised in search of additional ticket sales or hype. However, you would be wrong. Gottwood is built on a collective mentality. From artists to dancer to vendor and security everyone is on a wavelength. Everyone knows everyone and has mutual respect.

As always each stage is curated by the people behind some of the UK’s best parties and music labels. The ever-present Percolate was one of them. Bringing dance music, all-around hero, Andrew Weatherall perform. Music blog Stamp The Wax curated a special programme, while Jive Talk — at Gottwood since day one — looked after a stage in a woodland clearing that saw people lose their minds, body and soul in the music.

Move D, Palms Trax, Margaret Dygas, Hunee, Sonja Moonear, were all strong contenders for the set of the weekend. An important part of the weekend is the time table. There is an emphasis on choosing rather following. Set times are not released until arrival and people are encouraged to wander and stop when a kick drum or a 4/4 beat catches their attention rather than chase a timetable. 2019 was no different and capped the best year yet in our humble opinion.

To celebrate was an incredible blend of house, disco and heavier industrial sounds we have put together a list of some of the tracks that caught our eye this weekend.

1. Motion Unit – My Mind (Original Mix)

2. Alexander East – Str8 Jackin

3. Seydinah – A La Folie

4. Todd Terje – Ragysh

5. Channi Singh – Pyar De Pujari

6. Fat Lane – Young Ladies

7. A – Bless This Mess – Day-O (Past Fire Edit)

8. Steve Bug vs Dj T – Monsterbaze

9. DJ Assault – Return Of Terror Tec

10. Marie Davidson – Work It (Soulwax Remix)