We recently chatted with ABSOLUTE. on making a difference through activism, his Wonderland EP, and his favourite party memories in our latest artist feature

A mainstay in the London queer club scene, ABSOLUTE. is an artist with many sides to him. Similar to one of his favourite tunes growing up Theme From S’Express, he is a mixed bag of different parts. His skills behind the decks and his work as a promoter have allowed ABSOLUTE. to use music as a vehicle to raise awareness as a human rights and environmental activist for various causes, and his dedication to putting on a good party hasn’t gone unnoticed.

His love for a good rave has led ABSOLUTE. to play at some of the best events and clubs in the UK such as Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Fabric. On top of all this, his incredible productions have garnered the respect from many influential figures within dance music including the likes of Annie Mac, Pete Tong, and Tiga, as well as securing releases on Skint Records, and Ministry of Sound to name a few.

With the new deluxe version of his Wonderland EP out now we got some insights from the rising star…

Interview: Callum Martinez

Hey ABSOLUTE. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Where did it all begin with you and electronic music?

I was obsessed with dance music as a kid, I remember listening to rave cassettes at primary school and when I was around 7 I was at Torbay carnival in the UK, there was a procession of floats and music, at one point a group of majorettes came stomping past in formation with ‘S’Express – Theme from S’Express’ blaring out the speakers. I remember being so excited by it, it gave me an energy that I’d never felt before.

You have been a passionate activist for many causes, especially those based around the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, and equality. Do you consider your music as another outlet for your activism, or is it more for fun, or both?

I think as artists, whatever we’re passionate about will inevitably come out through our art in one way or another. I want to make a positive difference in the world and the biggest tools I can do that are currently with my music and events. Creating safe and diverse spaces where people can feel free is also important and something I’ve been doing on the underground LGBTQ+ scene since for almost 10 years, but that has also been the most fun and it’s when the best parties happen. Saying that, I love making music, it’s f**king fun to do, if I’m able to make a positive impact at the same time, even better.

You are working on a deluxe version of your amazing Wonderland EP. Why did you decide to do this, and what does the deluxe version add that the original lacked?

I made the first mixtape during lockdown, making it felt like an escape for what the world was going through. Listening back to it imagining being at your favorite rave with all your favorite people, feeling free again. It’s cliche but it took me on a journey outside of what we were living, it made me feel part of something bigger again, it gave me some joy and some hope. Now that we’re largely back together again, I wanted to release full club mixes of some of the tracks for the clubs, to help bring us closer together in real life. When my Rave Remix of Raw Silk’s – Do It To The Music became BBC Radio 1’s Worlds Hottest Record I felt it was important to include that too and there’s also a brand new remix of Sage Comme Une Image (Good As Gold), that’s peak time energy and aimed directly at the dancefloor.

You have played at some of the best places and events the UK has to offer including Glastonbury, Fabric, and Creamfields to name a few. When playing, do you prefer the intimacy of a club, or the spectacle of a festival?

I really love both, it’s an incredible moment to feel as one with a large group of people at a festival and all the running around and adventures that come with it, but I also love that in intimate spaces you can feel more connected to everyone and you can experiment more musically.

What is your favourite party memory?

It was in the Philippines, on a tiny island, we had a private beach party with 50 friends. It was literally paradise all around us with some of my favourite people on the planet. Half way through my set we all ran into the sea and there was bioluminesce everywhere, the whole sea was glowing neon all around us as we danced under the moonlight, we stayed and danced in the sea until the record ran out, then we all cheered and hugged, it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

If it was possible to define ABSOLUTE. in three records, what would they be? 

If you could work with anyone in the world tomorrow, who would it be?

Thomas Bangalter!

What have you got coming up that you can talk about?

I’m excited to make my WHP debut on Sat 30th and to play my first headline gig in Ireland in Dublin on 24th Oct. Dublin and Glasgow are special ones as my family are Scottish and Irish, my Dad lives in Ireland so I’ll be bringing him and my sister along to see me play for the first time.

I’m currently on a UK live tour with 808 State, we have Brighton at Concorde 2 on Oct 29th, London at EartH Hackney Oct 30th and Liverpool at Arts Club on 5th Nov.

I also have two remixes dropping before the year is out and the studio mojo is fired up with new song ideas!

You can purchase Wonderland (Deluxe) here.

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