Manfredi Romano aka DJ Tennis is one of electronic music’s most prolific characters. His ability to create intimacy within crowds of any size is as impressive as it is difficult and one of the reasons he is considered one of the leading lights of underground music.

After a short hiatus Tennis is back with his first release since his ‘Certain Angles’ release on !K7 as part of his DJ Kicks mix. On May 17, Manfredi will join the prestigious and close-knit circle that is the Running Back Records family. The four-track record will feature an A side with a special atmospheric version of the lead track, ‘Gordon’. As well as a cinematic version of the B side, ‘Starck’.

The story goes that the day before DJ Tennis infamous Rakastella party in Miami he was hard at work in the studio completing ‘Gordon’. Fast forward 24 hours and Tennis is playing b2b with Gerd Janson on Will Renuart’s “The Kiss” stage. Suddenly out of know where the crowd erupted in a euphoric uproar. The reason, Tennis had dropped Gordon. A highlight of the entire party.

Following the event, Gerd Janson was recorded as saying, “Sometimes, it’s enough to hear a record out loud, in a party context and to fall in love instantly.” Secretly we think Gerd was attempting to align the stars and sign the track. We are glad he got his wish.

As a whole “Gordon” is Tennis in a nutshell. It highlights the qualities of his production, his uniqueness as an individual and his charismatic persona. Alternatively though, “Starck” appears to scale it down a touch. However, it still remains equally overwhelming.


A1 Gordon

A2 Gordon (Atmo Version)

B1 Starck

B2 Starck (Cinema Version)

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