Atroxx a metalhead at heart ditched his high school band, Bleeding Halo, to follow his thirst for all things techno. Unusually through his label “Starskream” he has developed a tribute to the metal collective Slipknot with a techno twist. Atroxx has been known to say, “I want metal in my techno,” and his mantra is embodied in the way he transmits his sound to Berlin’s eloquent techno palate.

Though his moniker is Latin for ‘fierce’ or ‘savage,’ Atroxx is stalwart in his compassionate commitment to deliver music as therapy. This belief is manifested in relief-inducing tracks such as ‘Black Rune’, a collaboration out on Suara Records, and ‘Roller’, which is steadily climbing Beatport’s Top 100 Techno Chart. Shadowy and authentic, Atroxx’s sound has enabled the young producer to carve a dark techno niche that’s all his own.

The artist recently released The Second Renaissance, his first album that has put him into the eye-line of the masses. With the album rapidly climbing the charts and securing a well-deserved position at the top of the table. He was quoted as saying,

“The Second Renaissance is a collection of revised tracks I’ve made over the past 8 years. Some very recent some much older. Considering that this album was meant to be an open book of who I am I felt the last 8 years were crucial to shaping me. From work, relationships to spiritual awakenings, every step of the way was an evolving journey or self-reflection. While putting all me into each track, I did my best to keep it non-bias and open to interpretation. Like an empty journal, I wish the listeners to fill out the experience with their own stories. perhaps the music as a guide. As I have always said, music is the centrepiece of life.”

Atroxx has demonstrated his potential is much more than hot air. Combine this with an impressive ability behind the decks when playing out and there is no doubt this is one of Techno’s most exciting emerging artists. As part of our Clubber’s Guide, we invited the Montreal based DJ & producer to talk us his favourite hangouts in his hometown.

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