The start of summer in Ibiza has always been a gossips wet dream with the rumor mill churning out an alarming number of Chinese whispers. One of the most popular themes is the Ibiza merry go round. Venues and promoters rush to forge new alliances or cement long-standing partnerships with mega money contracts leaving the world of dance music on the edge of their seats.

One move that never seemed on the cards was Music On leaving amnesia. Marco Carola or King Carola to his subjects had built his empire on the Amnesia terrace. The two mighty dynasties uniting to form one of dance music’s strongest coupling for 14 weeks of summer. However, it wasn’t meant to last with Pacha recently announcing the capture of Music On and King Carola.

According to Diario de Ibiza, the Italian DJ & Producer is being sued for a staggering €2.4 million. According to reports, Carola’s contract states that the artist himself and the brand can not play anywhere else on the island. With Music On supposedly opening on May 16 with the man himself, Amnesia has filled the lawsuit.

Amnesia has supposedly included a request to implement a “precautionary measure to prohibit the performance of the DJ in Pacha.” According to a representative of the venue, the sum of €2.4 million has been calculated as “this is the penalty that is agreed in the contract itself.

Currently, things are up in the air and we are awaiting further clarification. However, knowing how politics on the White Isle work we expect things to continue to escalate if found to be true.

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