Seb Zito has carved out a special standing in electronic music since bursting onto pirate radio in the nineties. A longstanding member of the Fuse family, it was here that he first earned his stripes, producing several of Fuse’s most well-loved EPs in the form of Seven Dials and Never. Alongside Enzo Siragusa and Rich Nxt in the early 2010s, Seb played a defining role in forming the particular ‘London sound’ of such an era. Stripped-back, dub-heavy house soundtracked the intimate confines of 93 Feet East throughout Fuse’s residency and it was here that Seb’s early productions brought this sound to a wider audience.

Constantly honing his skill in both studio and club settings, it was in 2017 that Seb launched his own label, Seven Dials Records. Named after his maiden release on Fuse, the imprint focuses on the sounds that have shaped the UK’s musical legacy, with the likes of Zac Stanton, Ben Jones, Sophie Marie, and Alex Mills appearing on the label in recent years. A home for booth grassroots producers as well as long-term friends of old, the imprint represents another footstep in Seb’s musical journey, a testament to his ongoing passion for his craft. We had the pleasure of speaking to Seb on the importance of culture, residencies, and the UK scene in the latest edition of Behind the Headphones.

You can buy music from Seb Zito here.

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