In this weeks episode of Behind the Headphones, techno star Wehbba talks to us about collaborating with artists, growing up in a musical family, and the inspiration behind Wehbba’s Live Station.

As always, Brazilian producer Wehbba has been busy putting in the work over the last couple of years. In 2020 he released his music production masterclass alongside fellow Brazilian artist ANNA in addition to his well received album Straight Lines and Sharp Corners released on Drumcode.

Recently, he also provided remixes for the 250th Drumcode release, a remix EP of classic album Heavenly, a record from Kevin Saunderson moniker E Dancer. In his latest project, Wehbba has crafted a new live performance setup with the intention of sharing new and old material, as well as challenging himself along the way.

We spoke to Wehbba about how he got on the EP and much more in this weeks video feature.

You can check out the latest music from Wehbba here.

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