In our latest Behind the Headphones interview, we chatted to Watergate resident Matthias Meyer on his relationship with the infamous club, his favourite pieces of equipment, and his advice to aspiring artists.

In a career spanning 15+ years, Lueneburg born, Berlin based artist Matthias Meyer has no intentions of slowing down. A veteran in the international club circuit, his impressive work rate has seen him hold residencies at Watergate club in Berlin and Pacha in Ibiza, as well as playing at events and clubs such as Strawberry Fields and Warung to name a few.

Although these days he likes to relax in his cabin, his love for the dancefloor is always there. Recently returning from a tour in Mexico, Matthias is continuing to make music releasing on  Watergate Records alongside Budakid, he brings a warming energy to his deep, melodic productions which has also caught the attention of labels such as Get Physical, and Liebe Detail in the past.

Despite his long and successful career, Matthias still has a thirst to inspire dancefloors and DJ’s with his music, and he was more than happy to share a little advice along the way.

Interview: Matthew Richardson.

A longtime resident of the infamous Watergate, how did your relationship with them first occur? How has your time there impacted your career?

At the beginning of my career, I had a lot of releases on the Liebe*Detail label. Lee Jones was a good friend who had some releases on there too. At some point, he got the offer to have a Watergate Mix CD with exclusive tracks. He asked me to make a track together and 1-2 years later, he asked me to do a remix for one of his Watergate releases. That one was kind of successful and a few months later, they asked me to join the Watergate family.

You started your own label “Strangely Enough”. What was it that prompted you to start it? What is the full ethos of the label, how does it differ to others?

I had this track ‘Strangely Enough’. It’s kind of a mix of all genres. I sent it to a lot of labels/friends, and everybody loved the track, but it didn’t fit with them. I thought it’s probably the best moment to create my own label and do what I want and love. After a little Covid break, I will bring it back and the 2nd release is like no other.

Throughout your career, you have played at many of the world’s best clubs and festivals. Do you have a preference of which you prefer to play? What are the main differences when planning your sets for each type of event?

Firstly, I am really happy to be able to play my music all around the world. It always depends on the vibe and the situation. Sometimes, you might prejudge a certain event – that’s why I stopped making too many plans before a set. I just go with the flow, as you never know.

Currently what are your three favourite pieces of equipment currently in your studio? What makes these stand out above the rest?

That’s a difficult question. I don’t really have any of these. Sometimes you start with a synth, sometimes you have a beat, and you start tweaking around. But most of the time, it’s just trial and error with audio files or putting audio into midi and building a track around. I don’t have a piece I always use. I even made 80 percent of a track with an iPad. Martin Buttrich said a few years ago that you can use presets, but the way how YOU choose the presets make it always sound like YOU.

Your latest EP “Sweet Ease” has recently been released on Watergate Records. This is your first original piece of material in over a year. What is the reason behind this? Can you describe the creative process behind the EP?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was kind of demotivated and a little depressed. Especially after years of travelling. I finally came down and focused on relaxing and taking care of myself. I bought a small summer cabin next to a lake a few years ago and went into restoring, rebuilding, and gardening;)

Then I came back and played with Kevin, aka Budakid, last year at the Watergate bar. I love his music and afterwards we met for a session and clicked immediately. I had this melody of ‘Sweet Ease’ in mind, and we managed to build a track in a few hours around that idea. We definitely will continue.

The music industry is one that is very hard for aspiring artists to break into. What advice would you give to help them?

One of my fav sentences about this is from Ricardo Villalobos a few years ago. He said: “If you only follow trends and hypes, you will always be the 2nd. Do your thing and maybe it takes a few years until you are the #1”. But we are in 2021 and unfortunately it’s not all about the music anymore. The answer is anywhere in-between.

If you could produce a track with any artist past or present, who would it be and why?

I am always a fan of pop, dramatic and orchestral music. A remix for Woodkid would be incredible for me.

Matthias Meyer’s ‘Sweet Ease’ EP with Budakid is out now on Watergate Records.

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