In the latest episode of our Behind the Headphones series we spoke to Mathami (also known as DJ T.) on his early beginnings, connecting with his spirituality and ecstatic dance.

In the early days Thomas Koch, who would later become known as DJ T., developed a passion for dance, and a willingness to explore new sounds and rhythms which would change his world forever.

Starting the revered Groove Magazine in 1989, he would influence the German scene in unprecedented ways as a music journalist, and would get the chance to show off his amazing ear for eclectic dance music to fans all over the world as DJ T. resulting in a long standing career for the Frankfurt native.

It’s a story of how, after three decades of relentless work as DJ T., he started to travel to the sacred valley of Peru for many years to drop out and do healing work of many forms, his world view would began to shift and he released something from inside that was once thought lost through the hard grind of the business world. In the end, a new respect and curiosity for the diversity of organised sound and the transformational power of movement and dance came with that.

Mathami’s energies are now being channelled on a different type of dancefloor. What was once dark rooms, are now open spaces, and this time the drug of choice is ecstatic dance and spiritual awakening. Armed with a new sonic aesthetic and a brand new label to release his music through (Pura Danza), Mathami aims to help people find their true inner selves, dancing their way to enlightenment.

You can keep up to date with Mathami and Pura Danza here.

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