GHEIST is a Berlin-based production and live band, who’ve been conquering some of the city’s best-known dancefloors one party at a time. They’re regulars at one of Berlin’s landmark venues, Watergate. The venue is where the project began and has since they have experienced a meteoric rise. Wowing audiences across the globe with their rich and emotive sound. Fusing progressive with the house and techno textures, the German natives have forged a deep, melodic sound of their own, which is melancholic and euphoric in equal measure.

The four-member band, who have played a number of clubs and festivals, have built a reputation as a versatile group, alternating between a full-on live performance and a hybrid DJ set. As every good live act, GHEIST’s prowess in the booth stems from their incredible studio productions, which have landed them on various imprints, including Sasha’s seminal Last Night On Earth. We caught up with the GHEIST and its three members to discuss life behind the headphones and what it takes to be a successful live act.

How did GHEIST come about? Were the four of use friends prior or did it all come together on a musical level?

We met around 15 years ago. We were involved with each other in different bands and projects and we became very close friends ever since. Around 10 years ago we moved together to Berlin and built our own studio. In the end, it was just a matter of time to come up with an act like GHEIST.

You are regulars at the infamous Watergate, how did this come about? And how has playing there impacted on your career thus far?

We are very grateful that we’ve been given the chance to perform at Watergate on a regular basis. In fact, our first show ever with GHEIST was at Watergate. We knew each other individually, so they were aware of what we are going to do with GHEIST and one thing led to the other. To be a part of the Watergate family definitely was a great step for us and still is.


In 2018 you launched your own label ‘Radau’, it’s been said that you also do all the artwork for each release? Is having full control of the creativity of the release important to you?

It’s true that we do all the artwork for “Radau” ourselves. We take the pictures for the artworks when we’re on holiday or when we are touring with GHEIST and then, later on, process them the way we like it. To be in full control of the creative outcome of our releases is very important to us, as it’s a part of our identity. But it’s also of great interest to us to be in charge of all the business decisions when we release on our own imprint. 

When creating your sound, who would you say were your biggest influences?

There are many different influences each one of us individually brings to the table. But the biggest common ground between us are the bands from the 70’s and the 90’s. That’s also the music we grew up with and therefore relate with a lot of memories and great moments. The attitude and the feeling of these musical eras have a great impact on us.

Your hybrid sets are well renowned, what made use choose this style opposed to a DJ set or full live set? 

The idea is to combine both worlds. We love the energy and the possibilities of a DJ set as much as we are into great live performances. When we play tracks of other artists we have the chance to add our sound aesthetics and make it our own. We can play for hours and still create the feeling of a live performance. 

As a group what has been the most difficult obstacle in which you have had to overcome in your career?

As we are all individuals with a strong opinion about music, the hardest part was to find our own sound. It’s very important to give space to each one of us and find the middle ground. It’s an ongoing process and it always will be. That’s the beauty of making music as a group, you never exactly know where you end up but you couldn’t have done it on your own.

If you could produce a track with any artist past or present who would it be and why? 

We would love to work with Hans Zimmer. His way to build a vibe is so cinematic and inspiring, it would be simply great to work with him.

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