In this episode of Behind the Headphones, Eva Swan talks to us about being free from the constraints of pop music, her time in Ibiza, and what makes her a unique addition to the techno scene.

The world of Eva Swan is multifaceted. Hailing from Belgium, the DJ, producer, model and fashion enthusiast has paved her own way thus far. Learning music theory at the age of 8, along with the guitar and flute by the age of 12, before the piano later at 18. Eva’s entry point into electronic music came through working in clubs such as Belgium’s famous Café d’Anvers and Kompass Club, along with EGG London and travelling the world, before taking a one-way flight to Ibiza.

Eva’s fast paced, relentless DJ sets have got her on line-ups at venues such as Club Soda Festival, Café d’Anvers, and Fuse alongside the likes of I HATE MODELS, Amelie Lens, Deborah De Luca and OXIA, Eva is starting to make her mark on the techno scene in a big way. Her classical music training and use of vocals has helped her create a unique and sometimes seemingly alien form of techno which is difficult to compare, with her tracks earning support from the likes of Slam, Luke Slater, and Machine Woman to name a few. With all of this in mind, there is no doubt that Eva is quickly becoming one of the most exciting upcoming artists in the techno scene.

You can check out music from Eva Swan, including her new single ‘Red’ here.