Danish DJ and producer Christian Nielsen is a rare commodity in the world of House and Techno. While other producers might pander to the masses, Christian Nielsen, never opts for a novelty approach, instead choosing to carve his own successful niche in a constant jostle for dance floor play. Born in Denmark, a country striving with exciting electronic talent at the moment the Christian Nielsen is an artist who has seemed to appear from nowhere. Working in an office by day and developing his musical craft by night. That said, Christian Nielsen sound is classic and one which has already made him popular – most notably on labels such as Kompakt, Play It Down, Noir Music, Kling Klong and Of Unsound Mind.

Nielsen, however, is no flash in the pan and is a producer who knows his way around the studio and has evolved musically buying tracks and studying legends like Kerri Chandler, Jimpster, Mr. V, Master At Work, Larry Heard, Moodymann and the late Frankie Knuckles. A firm advocate of dance-floor ready house, Nielsen is one of the most interesting producers to arrive on our radar for some time. This rise in Christian Nielsen stock hasn’t gone unnoticed either with Maceoplex choosing to release his new ‘Lovestruck EP’ on his Ellum Records imprint.

Denmark has over the last few years become a breeding ground for some of the scenes most exciting talents why do you think that is or has this always been the case?

Denmark has a weird relationship to electronic music and music generally. So Denmark doesn’t really have a Danish sound. Most Danish music you hear on the radio is massively inspired by the US and UK, so when a Danish artist comes along and doesn’t follow that trend you get something amazing. A mainstream example would be MØ who is one of our biggest artists. She brought something new to the table that was very Danish and at the same time something new. An electronic example would have to be Kølsch. He came from mainstream music and got fed up with the whole thing and created Kølsch instead, which you kind of can hear in his music. It is very melodic and catchy but in a very cool techno package.

Do you think there is still room in the scene for artists to build careers based solely on their musical output or does longevity require the use of other factors such as social media, aesthetics etc?

I wish there was, but no. There are the exemptions, but let’s be real. You need the whole package in some way or another. And it is a damn shame because these things take time and work. Work that takes the artist away from doing what the artist does best. Creating his/her art.

How has COVID-19 affected your daily routine since it has taken hold? How are you overcoming the boredom that comes with lockdown?

Oh yeah for sure. Like many others, I solely work from home and not being able to see friends feels constricting. But the silver lining is that I get to spend much more time with my amazing girlfriend and our two boys. I never get bored, to be honest. There is always something to do. Obviously music production is the main thing, but there is always work to be done somewhere.

In your eyes why do you think people choose to fill dancefloors week in week out?

I think there are many reasons. First one would be to dance. Dancing is such a fun thing to do, and it is even more fun doing it with other people. There are also the music heads of course. House/techno music is meant to be heard in a club on good sound systems, and clubs are still the best places to hear new sounds and tracks. Dancefloors are also a great place to meet new people!

What are you most proud of in your life to date?

My kids. It might sound like a cliche, but its the damn truth haha. Not so long ago my eldest learned how to ride a bike. Never been so damn proud in my life.

You have released on several highly acclaimed labels including Kompakt, Play It Down, Noir Music, Kling Klong and Of Unsound Mind and have a release due on Ellum Audio. In your eyes what makes a successful label?

That’s a hard question! I think its important to always look forward as a label. Understanding the current sounds and how to make them your own. You want to sign something that sounds like tomorrow and not yesterday. I guess that goes for artists as well.

What has been your biggest life lesson to date?

Appreciate your journey

Finally, if you could make a record with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

Oh, easy! PRINCE! Obviously the man-made amazing music until the day he died. But also I would have loved to have experienced some of those amazing Prince stories!

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