André Hommen was introduced to the music he loves via the radio. Musically his hometown Nettetal in western Germany doesn’t have much to offer at first glance, although more than a few world-famous producers started their career there in the mid-nineties. Andre Hommen’s taste differed to that of his peers throughout his formative years. House music and is various subforms quickly hooked him and lead him to pursue a career in electronic music. Constantly pursuing the warmth and groove-laden sounds that are so prominent in his work.

Andre Hommen is the owner and founder of These Eyes. A label that has a clear mission statement: Underground electronic music accompanied by unique design and an uncompromising ethos. Dropping their 12 release titled, “More Than This” we thought it time to sit with the German DJ and Producer to discuss life Behind The Headphones.

Growing up in Nettetal, Western Germany, a place not renowned for electronic music, what was the first experience that got you fully hooked?

Well, I was basically introduced to electronic music through the radio. There was a show called „Partyservice“ every Saturday from 8pm – 6am. The DJs played live from the radio station. The show was super hyped and I discovered it when I was 12. Over the following years I listened to that show every Saturday and even record each episode on cassettes (which I still have by the way). So basically when all my friends went out on Saturdays, I was at home listening to the radio show. This happened for years.

Throughout your career, you’ve toured and played all over the world, is their one-party/venue that stands out in particular and why?

I always think of my first overseas tours – especially Asia. My first Asia tour with four gigs in 2011 got cme onnected to that world in a very positive way. I have been going back once a year since then (sadly not this year) and it was always the highlight of my year playing in Asia. Once I had a proper tour of consisting of 6 or 7 gigs in 2013. Lasting almost a month and I remember this very last gig of the tour at Vision in Tokyo. I was really exhausted as it was the last stop. Unfortunately, I had to leave right after the club to the airport. When I got to the venue, I was blown away by the sound system and also the people. So much energy in that room that it was probably one of the best gigs ever.
Another one to remember was Bogota in 2015 where I played at this venue called Billares Londres I think. I ended up playing 5 or 6 hours and it was just massive from start to finish.

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In 2017, you decided to launch your own label, These Eyes. Along with your own, it has seen releases from many other top artists Clavis, Marc Romboy, Tlak (aka Denis Horvat), Jonathan Kaspar just to name a few. When looking at tracks to sign, is there a certain style you go for or just how good that track is itself?

Overall I am basically looking for tracks that I personally really like. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same style as I already had a wide range of electronic music on the label. I have remixes of my album coming up now and then afterwards an EP from Ben Westbeech which is also again very difficult in regards to what the label has been releasing before. Then for next year, I am already looking into other opportunities as well – maybe even a bit more ambient kinda vibes. Let’s see!

What is your biggest life achievement to date? 

I think the biggest life achievement is that I was able to make a living out of what I love the most. I am beyond grateful for this position. I’m lucky enough to have traveled the world and played my music almost everywhere which I still think is absolutely crazy.

For a lot of aspiring producers, there comes a time when you hit a creative block. What advice would you give to help them overcome this?

I think the keyword here is patience. It helped me a lot to find the right patience on some productions. If you are stuck, just leave it and try not to over-complicate the session. Start something new or make a break. I was doing regular coffee breaks throughout studio sessions and that helped a lot.

If you didn’t establish a career in music, what other career path do you think you’d have taken and why?

I was actually working in logistics which I would probably still do by now if the music didn’t work out.

Finally, if you could produce a track with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

I would love to do a remix for Depeche Mode. As a long time fan, that is on top of the wish list for many years!

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