Life isn’t always plain sailing as the delay in this weeks podcast proves. A busy week and lack of organisation have proved difficult to avoid but we return with a mix well worth the wait. Episode 027 comes straight from Manchester with ‘Exploring Planetoids’ artist Jack Plant providing some smooth groove, deeper bass lines and hard hitting house.

Jack Plant has done it all in Manchester and is well versed in the in’s and out’s of the scenes fertile clubbing ground. A former resident at Antwerp Mansion, one of Manchesters most exciting venues before it unfortunately lost its license. However it has been the start of many manny DJs career and its combination of Drum N Bass, house infused nights make for an interesting platform on which to learn.

Plant has been booked across the city, infact you would be hard push to find a club he hasn’t played. Gorilla, Sankeys, Mantra Warehouse as well as most of Manchesters thriving house party circuit. His roots have always been in Disco, Funk, Soul and House. However he has since branched into the darker, grittier side of techno.

Like a young Jeff Mills his love of techno is combined with a passion for Science Fiction. His interest in space exploration and astrology are clear as the themes are heavily played upon in his debut release ‘Shoulder Of Orion’. A production that will showcase his growth as an artist, his skill as a producer and his new label, ‘Exploring Planetoids’.

We love this mix and we know it will sound track our Friday afternoon perfectly. Enjoy.